Step 6 - Tips and Tricks

Over time we've noticed that many customers are not aware of all possibilities and tools in our systems. For this reason we have compiled this article leading to some of the best features and articles you should be aware of when you use our system!


In general the settings page is very usefull. You can configure your whitelabel emails here and set the expiration and low balance frequency and treshholds.

Renewal policies
Configuring the frequency of the renewal reminder mail


Domain management:

What to do if an extension is not available?
Reseller inclusion in whois (.nl domains)
Deleting or expiring a domain name
IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names)
Changing domain owner: update or trade?
A small collection of non-standard procedures used by popular TLDs
New gTLDs
Authorization code management
Checking the status of your domain request
Pre-registration widget for new gTLDs


DNS management:

DNS templates
DNSSEC settings
Managing hosts/glue records



Balance forecasting
Customized fields on invoice

And remember:

Your minimum deposit is 20 Euros. If you have Tier 5 or above due to your payment, then this minimum is raised to make sure you do not drop from this higher tier!
Don’t forget to add VAT to our prices (if you’re wondering why your balance is insufficient)
Contact Sales if you want to discuss about a promotion to your customers

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