IDN domains

For a long time domain names have been ASCII only, but this is finally changing with the introduction of IDN domains!

For example you may want to register opeñ, which has the special n.Normally, this would be a problem. But by using IDN this is no longer an issue.

IDN, or internationalized domain names, are a method to allow computers to still use ASCII notation but still register the domain name in such a way that you can enter opeñ in your browser.


If you want to register an IDN domain name then the first step will be to translate your domain name to its IDN variant. This can be done by using our IDN converter.

Once translated, our opeñ looks like It does not look pretty, but registering will result in opeñ working in your browser!

When registering the domain name or configuring the DNS, just use the IDN variant everywhere and it will work without any problems. The registration of the domain name is no different than any regular domain name.


On this list you can check if a TLD supports IDN or not. If the TLD is not on this list, you can check the own article for each extension.

.com Yes

.net Yes

.org Yes

.co Yes

.life Yes

.in No

.us No

.shop Yes

.info Yes

.xyz Yes

.top Yes

.asia Yes

.eu Yes

.tel Yes

.cn Yes

.ca Yes

.uk No

.mx No

.de Yes

.be Yes

.at Yes Yes

.sc No

.nl No

.bz No

.pl Yes

.es Yes

.fr Yes

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