Reseller in whois

On a regular basis we receive the question from our customers if they can be shown as the reseller in the whois, to better serve their customers: someone wanting to know something about the domain can then contact the reseller directly and not have to go via Openprovider. This is possible for .nl domain names!

Some other extensions also support reseller data in the whois, but are not yet supported by Openprovider: .eu, .uk, .com, .net and .hk. If you are interested, please send us a feature request!

Whois with and without reseller

In the screenshots below you can see how a reseller is shown in the whois. The top image shows what it looks like through the website of SIDN, the bottom image what is looks like in whois command-line query. The reseller is always shown before the registrar. In this example, we chose "" to be the reseller, but this can be any name you want, for example your own company name or your customer's company name.

Via SIDN-website


Via command line



Reseller in registry e-mails

SIDN sends a number of e-mails to domain contacts, for example after transferring or deleting a domain name. The reseller name is mentioned in those e-mails as well, for example:

  • Subject: 1017 Transfer of domain name #domainname# now processed
  • Dear registrant,
    You are receiving this message because you are the administrative contact for a domain name.
    The domain name #domeinnaam# has now been transferred to #new-registrar#. #new-registrar# is a service provider that works with the reseller #new-reseller.

Setting the reseller contact

By default, no reseller information is included in the domain. You can change this in two ways:

Per domain

Upon registration, transfer or modification of a .nl domain, you are able to place one of your customers in your Openprovider account as the reseller. This may differ for each domain:

  • If you operate with only end users, you can use your own contact details. Anyone requesting the whois data from one of your domains, you will see your data.
  • If you work with resellers, you may record their contact details. Anyone requesting the whois data from one of your domains can the see the data of the reseller.

Adding or changing a reseller can be done either through your Openprovider account or through the API.

For your whole account

It is possible to also change the reseller settings in your whole account. You can do this through your menu Account > Settings > Default domain contacts. Here you can choose a standard reseller and use this information for all your domains. A simple change can thus also be completed easily. .

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