Exceptions you should keep in mind

Most TLDs follow a set of procedures that are very similair to many other TLDs. This results in .nl having the same procedure to trade as .com, .eu and .be to have the same transfer procedure as .it and .nl, and many more.

Unfortunately some TLDs are quite different in the way they operate, activate, transfer or update. Since our resellers are commonly aware of most basics, some of these TLDs can still take you by surprise!

Here's a partial list of some TLDs that we think you should know about.



The cancellation of a .at domain name has to be requested at least 2 days in advance of the expiry date. If you fail to delete the domain prior to this the domain will be transferred back to the registry. This results in the domain holder receiving an invoice from the registry, urging you to pay. is quite persistent in these invoices and will go quite far to get their money. Make sure to delete .at domains in time and don't be too comfortable with them sending you invoices.

To properly cancel a .at domain name, you should delete it manually from your account at least 2 days in advance. Additionaly, a form signed by the domain holder is required to be allowed to cancel the domain. It is not necessary to send this to the registry, but when they do a random check you are expected to be able to show this as proof.




To trade a .be domain name you will need to get the authorization code. This code can be requested through our control panel (authorization management) and it will be sent to the current domain holder.

Once in possession of the authorization code you can initiate the trade.

If you want to change the owner of a domain name you will need to do this at the registry directly. Openprovider can not process this trade for you.

Also, when transfering a to Openprovider the actual starting of the transfer has to be done by the current registrar. They need to push the domain by changing the IPS-Tag to 'REGISTRAR-EU'. Make sure to initiate a transfer in your account at Openprovider before changing the tag, that way our system will know whose domain it is when we receive it.

When trading a domain name please make sure to approve of the trade within 24 hours, else the trade will be cancelled.




When cancelling a .de domain name you are confronted with the choice to cancel the domain name immediately, without any quarantine period or to release the domain name to Denic directly.

When cancelling the domain immediately you will need written proof from the owner, this makes the cancellation procedure a bit more involved.

The best option is to release the domain to Denic and place it in TRANSIT. When a domain is placed in Transit, the holder will receive a letter by postal mail informing them what happened. Denic will offer the holder to keep the domain name active if they want to, for a fee. If the holder wishes to keep the domain active they can either pay it or transfer it back to you or a registrar of their choice. They can also choose to not renew the domain, they can simply ignore all messages from Denic and after a few weeks the domain will be deleted and available for re-registration again.




Administering a .dk domain name is an interesting beast on it's own. The entire TLD is self-service, Openprovider can only renew the domain name and pay it for you.

Changing the owner or the nameservers of the domain will need to be done by the domain holder, who can log on directly at to process any change.

When you cancel a .dk domain at Openprovider you will need to send in the necessary paperwork to the registry to ensure deletion of the domain name; .




When registering or trading a .hu domain the legal form needs to be included in the company name. For example, if Openprovider were to register a .hu domain name we would have to supply a handle with 'Hosting Concepts B.V.' as the company name.

Also, the registration can take up to 10 days due to the processing of the registry.



The registration of a .pro domain name is somewhat manual. We need to prepare a handle at the registry where we insert the profession of the intended owner as well as the registration number and registration authority for the company. Once these preparations are made, the contact can be used to register .pro domain names. To prepare this handle, just send us an email at containing the Openprovider handle, profession, certification number and certification authority website and we will make sure you can use it to register a .pro domain.




When registering a .ru domain name it is important to know that if your owner is a company, the legal form needs to be included in the company name. For example, if Openprovider were to register a .ru domain name we would have to supply a handle with 'Hosting Concepts B.V.' as the company name.

Also, when you want to change the owner of a .ru domain name you will need to send forms to the registry to get things rolling.




Only those who are active in the travel business are entitled to .travel domain names. To validate if someone does indeed operate in the travelling business they will need to get a UIN from the .travel registry;

Once you have your UIN you can send it to Openprovider, we will register the domain name for you.

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