What is the status of my request?

When register, transferring or trading domain names you will quickly encounter that not all actions are processed in real-time.

Transfers will often take a few more days or require approval before it is processed. New registrations can take some time. Some trades will require forms.

To make sure you have an overview on what is still ongoing in your account we have created a few queues where you can keep an eye on ongoing things. If you need specific details about the domain name and what it is waiting for, just click on the domain and scroll down to the action log, here it will explain the last update and what is expected.


Request queue new registrations will show you all your ongoing registrations.

Request queue transfers and trades will show you all your ongoing incoming transfers and owner changes.

Request queue renewals will show you all the upcoming renewals in the next 28 days. This queue is usually only used by resellers who do not have their account set to auto-renew (which we recommend that you leave on!)

Request queue restores will show you all recently expired domains and give you the opportunity to reactivate them.

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