How to schedule a domain transfer


Is it possible to schedule a transfer? 


Scheduling a transfer can minimize the risk of paying twice for the registration same period when consolidating domains.

To schedule a transfer, simply choose a date (Transfer on) to transfer via the dropdown next to the Authorization code field.

Do keep in mind that many TLDs have a limited validity period for their authorization codes.


Please, be aware that the time mentioned in our emails and in the control panel are CET.
But this only indicates from what time the domain will be added in our transfer or renewal scripts.

If the time indication would say 03:00 AM, it does not mean that exactly at 3 in the morning the transfer will start. It means that from 3 in the morning, the domain is added to our transfer script.

We process the requests in batches, to make sure it is well divided in terms of load for the system to process. Therefore it can happen that your transfer will start for example 2 hours later then the time mentioned in the control panel or email.




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