Cancelling or deleting a domain name


How a domain can be cancelled or deleted?


If the option to automatically renew a domain name is not used then it will be deleted on the expiration date in Openprovider, causing the domain name to become available for registration or entering quarantine.


New interface:Screenshot_2020-09-11_at_11.53.28.png

It is possible to choose to cancel a domain name before the expiration date in Openprovider. To do so navigate to the details of the domain name through your domain name management and click Delete domain


Old interface:


Some domains can be reactivated after being deleted/expired. In the Request queue for restores one can see all domain names that can be reactivated. Please note that some TLDs charge for reactivation procedure.

To reduce the costs of reactivation the functionality called 'Soft Quarantine' has been implemented, you can read all about here.

Please review also our renewal policies.


There are no refunds provided for domains that are deleted after a successful registration, renewal or transfer. Once activated at the registry, a deletion will not result in a refund for any remaining period.


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