Automatic renewal of domains

Domain names can be automatically renewed. This saves you a lot of work because you do not need to renew each domain individually when it reaches its expiration date.

Your account will have a default autorenew setting that will be applied to all domain registrations when you register them.

We recommend that you keep the Auto-renew on at all times. The costs for accidentally renewing a domain name are far lower than the potential cost and headache that is caused by accidentally not renewing a domain name.


You can select specific domains names to not autorenew. This could be in cases where your customer informed you that they no longer want the domain name. You can go to the Domain Overview and change the autorenew setting of the specific domain name to one of the following three options:

Screen_Shot_2014-10-09_at_13.53.23.png - Default: This setting will take the default account setting and renew domain names accordingly. If you have autorenew disabled for your account, then all domains with the setting 'Default' will not be automatically renewed. If your autorenew setting for your account is enabled, then all domains with the setting 'Default' will be automatically renewed.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-09_at_13.53.32.png - On: This domain will be automatically renewed.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-09_at_13.53.41.png - Off: This domain will not be automatically renewed.


You can switch between these states by clicking on the icon in the Domain Overview in your account, making it easy to change the configuration where needed.


If you would like to renew a domain name directly, you can click on the green arrow in the last column "renew". Be aware, this action is real-time and can not be reversed.



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