What are templates?

A template is a pre-defined format of a DNS zone. For example, you can create a template for each of your servers, in which you set the IP addresses, mail servers and subdomains. When you create a new zone, you can choose which template should serve as the basis.

Creating a template:

Navigate to the DNS template management page. On the sidebar menu 1) "DNS management" open the 2) "Manage DNS templates" page. Create a new template from 3) "Add DNS template"

The contents of a template is exactly the same as the contents of a normal DNS zone. The only difference is, that you can use a variable for the domain name. If, for example, you want to refer all subdomains to the main domain, the record for a normal DNS zone will look as follows:

   * → CNAME →

In a template, you can replace the specific domain name by the variable %domain%:

   *.%domain% → CNAME → %domain%

Note that this variable %domain% includes the extension, so there is no need to include the extension after the %domain% variable.

From the add template page:

1) name the template, 2) add records 3) choose type, 4) define content and 5) name each record


Using a template:

From the domain registration page, select the desired template from the dropdown menu:

Please note: a template is only used during the creation of a zone and can not be used to update all zones that were created using the specific template.

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