How to use the domain I bought?

In this article, you can find the commonly asked questions after you have bought a domain from the Openprovider website.

This article has the following sections:

General questions
Technical questions
Financial questions
Other questions


You just bought your first domain, awesome!

Welcome to the Openprovider control panel.
In this article we will answer the most common questions when you just bought your first domain with us.




General questions

Q: What is a domain?
A: A domain is a website's name, a URL is how to discover a website, and a website is what visitors view and interact with once they arrive. In other words, when you acquire a domain, you are purchasing the name for your website, but you must still develop the website itself.

Q: What is hosting?
A: Website hosting is the term used to describe an online server that allows you to publish a website on the internet. It's essentially the same as paying rent for real server space to store all of the data that comprise your website in order to ensure that it functions correctly.

Q: Is hosting provided with the domain I bought?

A: No, at this moment Openprovider is not offering any hosting services. We recommend contacting a hosting provider or a platform where you can create your website and ask them for the details how to connect your website to your domain. 

Q: Is email provided with the domain I bought?

A: No. Openprovider does not offer emailservices, so we advise to contact your hosting provider where you manage your website and ask them to help you set this up.

Q: How can I access my domain?
A: Once you bought the first domain, you will get access to a personal control panel.

You can find your domain in the section “Domain management”. If you click on your domain, a detail page will open where you can see all the details or your domain and the option to make changes. Here you can change the owner, renew the domain, connect different nameservers etc.

Q: Is website design provided?

A: No. This is not a service Openprovider offers.

Q: I made a typo, can I change the domain name?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the domain name after it is bought. We advise to double check the spelling before you submit the requests as there are no refunds for mistakes. 

Q: How can I buy another domain

A: Once you bought the first domain, you will get access to a personal control panel. In this panel you can order additional services for your domain or buy another one.

Q: What happens when the domain registration fails?

A: The domain registration process starts immediately after the payment. Sometimes there might be some issues, for instance the registry didn’t accept some of the data provided or is simply not reachable. In this case the domain registration process will fail.
What about the transaction for this domain ? The money will be directly available on the balance in the Control Panel. Now you can adjust the information (if needed) and try to register the domain again via the Control Panel or try it again later.


Q: How do I use the Openprovider Control Panel?

A: On the left side you will see a menu with all the products and services that Openprovider offers.


We advise you to check the Knowledge base sections of those products to get familiar with them.
You can find the Knowledge base easily via the link

Technical questions


Q: What are nameservers?
A: Nameservers hold the DNS zones, and when set to authoritative help to resolve domain names to IP-addresses.

Q: What is DNS zone?
A: A zone contains all DNS records so the nameserver can resolve the queries made on a domain.


Q: What is DNSSEC?
A: This is an added layer of security on your domain, making sure you will be pointed to the correct servers. If you use the Openprovider nameservers, you can select 'enable" and our system will configure this for you in the background. If you use other nameservers (Not Openprovider nameservers) you have to add a key on the domain detailpage.

Q: How to enable the email?
Openprovider does not offer emailservices, so we advise to contact your hosting provider where you manage your website and ask them to help you set this up. 


Q : Can I change the domain settings, for instance contact data, after I register the domain?

A : Yes, it is possible and it can be easily done using the Control Panel.
More information on how to change the nameserver.
More information on how to update contact "handle" information.
More information on how to change your account details.

Financial questions

Q: Where can I find the prices?

A : You can find all detailed prices in your control panel, in the section called "Prices".
Check out this article for more information: How does price structure work ?

Q: How is the invoicing done?
A: When you buy your first domain via the website, the invoicing will be done directly via credit card. After the purchase you can find this invoice in your control panel.
Once you have access to your personal control panel, you can top up your balance and start buying additional services or new domains.

You can find more information here: Increase your balance 

Q: Is there a grace period to cancel my purchase?

A: Unfortunately,there is no grace period after the purchase. Once the domain, it can be deleted, but this will not result in any refund. We advise you to double check the spelling of your domain before you submit the request.

Other questions:

Q: I get an email to confirm my emailaddress, is this required?

A: Openprovider is obliged to verify the validity of each e-mail address that is used in the owner contact details of any gTLD registration. gTLDs include all extensions that are not country codes (ccTLDs): common generics like .com, .net, .travel, all new gTLDs like .guru, .channel and .app etc. This will only be requested once per (new) emailaddress (not per domain)
More information about this process can be found in the article: Registrant email verification

Q: What is Openprovider?

A: Openprovider is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar


Q: How can I contact Openprovider?
The best way to contact us is opening a ticket via your control panel or through the website



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