How to change nameservers of a domain


How to change nameservers of a domain in ones portfolio?


When a domain is registered or a transfer is requested, it is required to select the nameservers that will be connected to the domain.

In order to change nameservers of a particular domain one should navigate to that domain's Details page from Domain management > Domain overview > %domain.tld% and click on Edit domain data button:


It is possible to use your own external nameservers but also it is possible to use Openprovider nameservers.


External Nameservers

You can use your own nameservers by clicking on "No nameserver group" and write them in the fields. Our system will retrieve automatically the IP's of every nameserver.
The zone for the domain needs to be configured on the nameservers you enter here.



Openprovider Nameservers

You can also use the Openprovider Nameservers by clicking on "Nameservers of Openprovider".



If you use the Openprovider Nameservers you will need to configure the DNS zone of the domain by clicking on "DNS Management > DNS zones overview > Add DNS zone" or clicking here.
You will be able to add the records you want and to configure the DNS zone of your domain.
An alternative is creating a new zone based on a predefined template.

See this article for more explanation.

Here you have information about the different DNS records you can use.


Nameserver group

When selection this option, you will see all nameserver groups which you can predefined in your control panel via "DNS Management > Manage nameserver groups" or clicking here.
This will prevent typos when using external nameservers and simplifies domain management greatly. A change in your nameserver group will be processed for all your domains that are using this group, without having to update each single domain.


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