How to use DNS templates


What are Openprovider DNS templates and how to apply them to zones in one's reseller account?


A DNS template is a pre-defined format of a DNS zone. One can define multiple DNS templates, for example when managing multiple servers. When creating a new zone, one can choose which template should serve as the basis.

NB: a template is only used during the creation of a zone and can not be used to update all zones that were created using the specific template.

Creating a template

To create a DNS Template click here and click on Add DNS template button.

The contents of a template are exactly the same as the contents of any DNS zone. The only difference is, that one can use placeholder variables and wildcards to substitute a domain name.

For instance, to refer all subdomains to the top level domain, the record for a regular DNS zone will look as follows:

*.example.tld CNAME example.tld

In a template, a specific domain name can be references by a %domain% variable:

*.%domain% CNAME %domain%

NB: %domain% variable already includes domain's extension.

Define the records on Add DNS template page:


Using a template

Select the desired template from the drop-down menu in the Nameserver settings section when registering a domain:


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