Increase your balance


How to increase the balance?


In order to register a domain name or order any product it is needed to have available balance in the account. Openprovider works with a prepaid balance. The advantage of this is that you will never need to wait for payments to be processed when ordering products.

On the top-right there is the currently available balance.




If the balance is insufficient it can be increases it by navigating through the menu and selecting Account > Financial. Alternatively, you can click the green text of your balance on the top-right from any page on our website.

There are multiple ways to increase the balance, with a minimum payment of 20 of your chosen currency.




You can find an overview of all supported payment methods here.


Once the payment is done you will receive a payment confirmation by email for use in your financial administration. Do note that you will not receive an invoice for your payment as described in this article.


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