How to configure Spam Experts extension for Plesk in Openprovider?


  • Create an account in Openprovider and increase balance
  • Order a Spam Experts extension in Openprovider via one of the ways below:
    • order a new Plesk license with Spam Experts extension RCP>Order new license>Plesk 12/Onyx/Obsidian keys>Add more features
    • order Spam Experts extension separately by navigating to RCP>Order new license>Third-party extension keys
    • upgrade existing Plesk license: RCP>Overview orders> %%License number%%>modify
  • Find Spam Experts extension activation key: RCP>Overview orders>%%Spam Experts license number%%>Activation code
  • Use the key to activate extension in Plesk installation
  • Contact Openprovider Support to create a sub-admin Spam Experts account, providing following information:
    • Reseller id
    • Email address
    • Preferred password (optional))
  • Once account is ready, follow extension configuration instructions:
    • For Windows
    • For Linux
    • Credentials:
      • Email and password (provided by Openprovider support)
      • API URL:
      • API hostname:
      • MX:
        • Primary MX:
        • Secondary MX:
        • Third MX:

NB: filters can not be added to sub-admin account via Openprovider reseller control panel. Filters must be created via Plesk web interface directly, in order to be manageable via Spam Experts extension.

Filters appear in Openprovider reseller control panel and billed during up to 24 hours after filter creation via extension.

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