Registry account bulk transfers

If you are registrar, or if you manage a number of domains in one extension at just one registrar, the transfer of those domains might be possible on registry-registrar level.
Such a bulk transfer has many advantages:

  • It's easy: in most cases, signing a form is sufficient
  • It's non-interruptive: end users / domain holders do not need to give their explicit approval
  • It's cheap in registration period: you do not loose registration period
  • It's cheap in management: completed in one time, no lengthy process, no end user interaction
  • It's cheap in money / cashflow: often just a one-time fee is required, and not the transfer costs of all domains

Supported registries

Openprovider supports registry bulk transfers for the following registries. The procedures in general are all form-based like the .be and .eu bulk transfers; details will be provided on a case-by-case base.

  • SIDN (.nl domains)
  • DNS Belgium (.be domains)
  • EURid (.eu domains)
  • Nominet (.uk / domains)
  • .com, .net, .name, .jobs (Verisign): 1/12 of a domain's price per domain with a minimum of $5.000 per extension per current registrar
  • .fr (AFNIC): € 2 per domain with a minimum of € 1.000; personalized quotes possible for higher volumes
  • .in (NIXI): minimum number of domains is 50; free of charge up to 10.000 domains; above 10.000 domains the migration fee is INR 10.000.
  • .it (NIC IT): € 0,50 per domain with a minimum of € 250
  • .lu (DNS LU): only available when closing your registrar account (only full portfolio consolidations); free of charge
  • .me: one-time costs around € 1.000
  • .pl (NASK): PLN 1,00 per domain with a minimum amount of PLN 4.000 and a maximum amount of PLN 50.000
  • .pt (DNS PT): free of charge
  • .us (Neustar): $0,20 per domain with a minimum of $1.000
  • gTLDs (other than .com, .net, .name and .jobs): it depends on the registry whether or not bulk transfers are supported; costs are normally starting at $ 5.000 per TLD

For any registry that is not listed, please contact support for more information. Openprovider has exhaustive experience in bulk transfers and consolidation and will always be able to find a solution for your specific case.

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