Nominet (.uk): Taking over complete or partial account

While registry Nominet has no official bulk transfer option to move a large portfolio to another registrar, we have created a process that allows for easy bulk transfer of up to 50.000 .uk (including,, and domains. This process assumes you have access to the Nominet registrar panel.

Full take-over

The first step is to export a list of domain and contact data:

  1. Log in to your Nominet account
  2. Go to Web Domain Manager, choose Manage Domains
  3. At the bottom, click Download List... (note that this list is limited to 50.000 domains; if you have more domains, you can use the REST API of Nominet; this will, however, give a different output format and should be investigated by us before continuing this page)
  4. Run the attached PHP script with the following two command line parameters:
    1. filename of the exported file from Nominet
    2. standard telephone number to use, format +31.123456789. Reason: the exports from Nominet don't include the phone number
    3. Example call:
      php convert-nominet-export-into-csv-bulk-transfer.php nominet-domain-export.csv "+31.101234567890"
  5. You can tune the resulting output file (nominet-bulk-csv.csv) with the correct telephone numbers, if desired. Also any other fixes to the data can be made.
  6. Send us your converted list.

Openprovider has tools in place to initiate transfers based on this CSV file. We will confirm you once we have initiated all transfers. At that moment, you should (within 7 days) change the IPS tag of the domains:

  1. Log in again to your Nominet account
  2. Go to Web Domain Manager, choose Manage Domains
  3. Select all domains on that page
  4. Click the Release button
  5. Enter Openprovider's IPS tag REGISTRAR-EU
  6. Accept the tag change
  7. Go back the the domain list
  8. and select the next set of domains

Now all domains will be pushed to Openprovider. You will see them being activated over the next minutes.

Partial take-over

This method works best with a full registrar take-over. If it's a partial take-over, the following steps change:

  • After downloading the CSV file with all domains, remove all domains from that file that should not be transferred.
  • Instead of selecting "all" domains for a tag change, only those domains that are subject to the partial take-over must be checked.
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