What is the status of my domain request?


What is the status of my domain request and where to find them?


Registering or transferring domain names are not always processed real-time for all extensions.

Some extensions require additional documents which are verified by the Registry, while other extensions "just take a few days" before the registry will finish the registration / transfer request. 

We aim to keep our detailed extension pages in this documentation as up-to-date as possible, to reflect the current registry requirements, processes and expected processing time.


Domain status explained

A domain can have one of the following statuses in the control panel:


The domain is active in your control panel.


The domain is requested. This status is common after a transfer or a registration. We advise to review the detailed extension page and see if any additional action or documents are required. And in some cases, only patience is required.


This transfer is scheduled. This means that a transferdate was added during the transfer request. The transfer will be initiated on the given date (somewhere between 00:01 and 23:59). In case you do not add a transferdate in your request, the transfer is started immediately. 

Your request is failed. This can happen when the request did not meet the Registry requirements (for example, a company number is missing in the handle) or the validation or verification was not processed in time (for example, a link should have been verified to finish a transfer).

We advise to review the detailed extension page, get familiar with the requirements of the extension to see what might have caused the failed request. Want to give it an other try? No problem, in most cases you can re-request the domain directly via the control panel.
Want to start a new request, perhaps with different details? Also possible, but don't forget to first remove the old request, otherwise you will get an error that you can not add a duplicate request.


Your request is pending. This means the domain is waiting for action before it can be processed and is usually only occurs with internal transfers where the extensions does not support the use of transfercodes (like .uk, .es, dk) In those cases, the current Openprovider reseller has to approve the outgoing transfer.


The domain is deleted. This status is common when you delete a domain or when it is expired. In most cases, a domain first enters a quarantaine period in which it can be restored for a certain amount of days after the expiration or deletion. In case you do not see the restore button in your control panel, we advise to review the detailed extension page to see if a restore is supported and how many days after a expiration this is possible.

In case the domain is no longer visible in the control panel and the status in the whois is shown as "PendingDelete" the restore will not be possible anymore.


The "RRQ" abbreviation means "Restore request queued". This is not a common status. More information can be found here.


To have an overview of what is still ongoing in the reseller's account Openprovider created a few monitoring queues.

Recent Registrations will show all ongoing registrations.

Recent Domain Trades will show all ongoing outgoing transfers and owner changes.
Transfers will show all recent incoming transfers. 

Domains For Renewal will show all the upcoming renewals in the next 28 days. This queue is usually only used by resellers who do not have their account set to auto-renew (which Openprovider recommends to keep 'On').

Restorable Domains will show all recently expired domains and allow the reseller to reactivate them.

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