SpamExperts - discontinuation of legacy reports and the new Email Scout Report

In the coming weeks SpamExperts will discontinue the legacy reports that you can configure and receive from their platform. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start using a brand new feature called Email Scout Report (ESR). 


It is one of the best ways to monitor your domain and every message that goes in or out of your mailboxes.


How to configure your new reports is provided in detail in SpamExperts documentation.


Once you have run your incoming or outgoing log search, you can choose to set up an Email Scout Report (ESR). This report contains the results of the log search and can be scheduled to be sent to a specific recipient or to all mailboxes in the domain. An ESR can be set up to run straight away, at a scheduled date and time or periodically, at a scheduled date and time. 

In the domain settings it is also possible to enable automatic email scout reports for selected domains. If this option is enabled, an Email Scout Report is automatically sent to every regular mailbox in the domain at the times specified (up to three times daily). The report lists all quarantined messages of which the filter was least certain and has an option to release any wrongly classified messages. Reports will not be sent if there are no such messages. Users who receive the report can choose to unsubscribe from the reports from within the message.

Like mentioned above, we highly recommend switching to this new report feature. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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