How to create a zone?

This articles contains the information about how you can create a zone in Openprovider.


Question :

How do I create a zone in Openprovider ?


Answer : 

You can create a zone in two ways :

1. Via Reseller Control Panel (RCP);

2. Via API


Creating a zone via Reseller Control Panel (RCP)

There are 2 options how to create a zone via the Reseller Control panel

1. Via DNS management

2. Via Domain detail page

1. Via DNS management

  • Go to DNS Management > Zone Overview
  • Select the nameserver which you want to use.
    This can be the Openprovider nameserver of the Premium Sectigo DNS nameserver. Want to know more about Premium Sectigo DNS, click here!
  • Fill in the domain and the extension.



2. Via Domain detail page

When you are registering or transferring a domain, you will be asked in the last step to define the nameserver you want to use. If you select the openprovider or Sectigo DNS nameservers, the system will automatically create a new zone, only containing the SOA and NS record.

You can also select a template here (optional), in order to create your zone in a pre-defined format. Be aware - this will not overwrite any zone and therefore will only work when there is no existing zone yet.




Creating a zone via API

DNS Zone can also be created via Openprovider API.

Checkout this link to know more!


NOTE: Please review the Terms and Conditions of Openprovider DNS service here before creating new zones for external domains.



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