Overview of all available transfer options


Which (bulk)transfer options are available and how to request them?


A transfer can be started via several channels, like the RCP (Reseller Control Panel / web interface), an API connection or via a plugin like WHMCS, Blesta etc.
In this article, we will focus on the 4 options that you will find when using the Openprovider control panel, in the section "Transfers"





Regular Domain Transfer

Via the regular domain transfer page you can start a single domain transfer or a batch of domains. Be aware that all domains in this batch will be connected to the same handles and the same nameservers which you will select in later steps.


CSV Transfer

Got a list of domains to transfer? No problem!
In that case we advise to use the CSV template from the control panel and insert a maximum of 500 domains per batch.

In the CSV file you can indicate per domainname which handles or new contacts and nameservers or nameservergroups can be used. You even have the option to add a transferdate, making this an ideal option when you are migrating your portfolio from a previous provider or are transferring big batches of domains for your clients.
We do advise to set the transfer date a few days before the actual expiration of the domain, as some tlds will take a few days to get transferred and always keep the auto renewal enabled at the previous provider to avoid issues.
Detailed information can be found here.

Registry Bulk Transfer

Some registries offer the option to migrate a whole portfolio at once. This is ideal if you would like to consolidate your domains in 1 account and want to save money on all the Registry administration fees.

In most cases it is only required to sign a form, that it!
Openprovider will handle the communication with the Registry and the import of the domains.

This is an ideal option when you have your own Registry account or (only when supported by the registry) when you have a large amount of the same TLDs at an other registrar.
As most registries will charge an administrative fee, this option is mostly interesting with 100+ domains.
See all available registry bulk transfer options here!

Robot Transfer

Openprovider has developed some Transfer Robots, giving you the option to migrate your domain portfolio from some of the biggest registrars to Openprovider, all fully automated.
Openprovider will make sure all transfers will be initiated on time, saving you time, money and effort!

Want to know for which Registrars we offer this automated solution?

Just get in touch with our Sales Team, who will provide you with all the information.


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