Automatic reissue initiated for my (Subscription) SSL Certificate


In August 2020, the major browsers decided to stop supporting SSL certificates with an expiration date longer than 1 year. As a result, our provider, Sectigo, has been issuing SSL certificates valid for a 1 year period, even if you purchased them for 2 years.
These orders are called
Subscription SSL certificates


When you buy an SSL for 2 years, Sectigo issues the certificate for 1 year and after that, the second year will need to be ‘activated’ via a reissue.

Openprovider will start reissuing the SSL certificate 15 days before its expiration date.
That is the reason why you received the notification about the initiated reissue.

It is important that the validation and the installation is done before the current SSL certificate expires, to prevent issues for the website.


What action is required?

We advise to check the validation of the ssl.
The type of ssl (DV, OV or EV) will determine which validation steps are required.

If it was validated by the  ‘
DNS Validation’ method and the zone is managed by Openprovider, we will update the Cname record and validate the order for you. 

If the validation is set to the ‘Email’, ‘HTTP(s)’ or ‘DNS’ methods (and the zone is not managed by Openprovider), the reseller or end customer will need to validate the SSL order.

Keep in mind that OV and EV orders will have extra validation requirements (such as passing a telephone verification call), which will need to be passed successfully.

Our advice is to keep an eye on the SSL certificates that need to be reissued in order to activate their second year of validity and inform your end customers about it in advance.


You can change the validation method for the reissuing process by using the buttons in the SSL panel Screen_Shot_2021-07-16_at_16.37.16.png


Once the new SSL certificate has been issued and delivered, it is important to reinstall it before the previous SSL certificate reaches its expiration date in order to avoid any issues.

The CSR and the private key will not be changed or adjusted during the reissue.



There will be no refunds in case the client does not want to extend the certificate for the second year anymore after completion of one year.


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