Requirements for Comodo / Sectigo SSL OV/EV validation


What validation steps are required for Comodo / Sectigo SSL OV/EV orders?


Review validation steps for Comodo / Sectigo OV/EV orders.

"OV" means "Organization Validation"

"EV" (Extended Validation) is the highest level of validation for SSL certificates.

As long as you're a legitimate business, this process is no problem.
Part of the reason this process even exists is to differentiate the legitimate businesses from the pretenders - including scam artists and cybercriminals.
If you're working for an actual business, then you have nothing to worry about.

Validation process completes in a maximum 6 stages: 

1. Pre-validation check

When you place an order at Openprovider if the company is based in The Netherlands and the domain in the request is a .NL or a new gTLD then our system will perform a pre-validation check to check if all the data provided is correct and therefore validate your order faster. If the company located not in the Netherlands the order will be placed directly at Comodo (Sectigo) without a pre-validation check.

You can find more information about our pre-validation check here.

In SSL Panel you can check the status of your order:

2. Requested

The certificate has been requested at the Certificate Authority and they will start with the validation of the order.

3. Company validation

Certification Authority checks if the company is registered in the Chamber of Commerce with the details as given in the SSL order. SSL order details need to match with the details of the company at the registry.

If the company can't be found in the Chamber of Commerce then Certificate Authority will inform you.

* 4. EV Documents (applicable only to EV orders)

For EV orders the person requesting the certificate has to sign a contract with the CA. This is called EV documents (subscriber agreement and EV form). These documents need to be sent by email so no paperwork needed. You can check the document templates below.
Comodo (Sectigo) letters:
Sample Legal Opinion Letter for EV for Accountants
Sample Legal Opinion Letter for EV for Verifying a Government Organization
Sample Legal Opinion Letter For EV for Private Organization
Read more about Sectigo EV Validation checklist

5. Phone validation

The CA is going to validate the phone number of the company using a public source.
Common sources that Comodo uses for the validation of the phone number:

- Chamber of Commerce

- DUNS & Bradstreet for all international companies

- or for companies based in The Netherlands

- for companies based in Belgium

- for companies based in France for companies based in Seychelles for companies based in Ukraine

- for companies based in Russia

6. Domain validation

Last step of the EV validation.
By default is done by e-mail, but through API or SSL Panel you can change this to one of the other validation methods. 
More information about domain validation can be found in this article.

In SSL Panel you can easily follow up the status of your certificate and you can also take action to issue the order faster.

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