Why is my SSL Certificate only valid for 1 year when I ordered it for 2 years ?


This article provides the explanation about the 1 year validity of the SSL Certificate and current Sectigo Policy for the certificates.


From Aug-Sep 2020,  Google and Mozilla (together with Apple, who did it first) will no longer accept freshly issued certificates having a validity term of more than 398 days.

All publicly trusted SSL server certificates with a longer validity period issued before September 1, 2020 will be maintained for the whole duration.




If you have ordered a SSL Certificate after this period for 2 years, Sectigo will grant initially the certificate for 1 year (365 days) and at the end of 1 year period another year will be added to your certificate via an automatic initiated reissue for which validation is required!

You will receive a notification once the reissue for the second period is initiated.

More information about this reissue can be found here:
Article: Why-was-a-reissue-automatically-initiated-for-my-SSL-Certificate-


General subscription SSL information in this article.


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