Setting up the Openprovider module for Blesta

The OpenProvider registrar module has been added to Blesta 5.9

Please see the release notes 

To install the Openprovider registrar module provided with Blesta:

1. Visit [TLDs] > [Registrars].

2. Find the Openprovider module and click the "Install" button


Following are the steps you can navigate to :

  1. Installing the Module Files
  2. How to install the module from Blesta Admin area

  3. Configuration of the module
  4. Creation of a package group

  5. Enabling the payment gateway

  6. Creating an order form for the domains

  7. Create a package for each TLD that will be offered

  8. Searching for a domain

  9. Automated provisioning of a domain

  10. How to modify Nameservers in Blesta


Installing the Module Files [Starting from Blesta 5.9, please use the Openprovider registrar module provided with Blesta]

Copy the contents of the `openprovider` folder from the GitHub repository into



After this point, you can follow the instructions from Blesta User Manual


Installing the module from the Blesta admin area [Starting from Blesta 5.9, please use the Openprovider registrar module provided with Blesta]

  • Navigate to the modules page Settings > Modules


  • Navigate to the “Available” modules tab and install Openprovider



Configuring the module

  • From the “Manage Openprovider” page select “Add Account


  • Add account details and select whether to use the test environment
  • If you receive the error message “Oops, something wrong: The username, password and test mode combination appear to be invalid, or your Openprovider account may not be configured to allow API access.” Then you then you can try the following:
    • Check API whitelist
    • Check API access for your account
    • Check that the credentials you supplied are for the live or test account
    • Check that the credentials are correctly entered

Create at least two package group

  • Create a package group for domains;
  • Create an additional package group, since this is required for Blesta. A test example might be for hosting packages.

Enable a payment gateway

  • Navigate to Settings > Payment gateways > Available
  • For testing purposes, enable the Blesta “Offline Payments” gateway

Create an order form for domains

  • Navigate to Packages > Order forms > Create new
  • Type: Domain and other
  • The template can be “AJAX boxes”
  • Under “domain package group”, select the domains package group
  • In “package groups, drag and drop the hosting package group into the active box

Create a package for each TLD that will be offered

  • navigate to Packages > Packages and create a new package
  • Select the Openprovider module
  • Select “any” for which reseller account to use
  • Select the desired TLDs from the checkboxes
  • Indicate up to five default nameservers



Searching for a domain

  • Navigate to the order form
  • Search for the desired TLDs
  • Select available domains and complete the order form


Automated provisioning of a domain

  • Find the invoice for the domain order, and select “Pay


  • From the make payment page choose “record payment for invoice #<number>, instead”


  • Indicate the payment details


  • Navigate to “Billing > Overview” and accept the order with the indicated domains


  • Navigate to Billing > Services > Pending and choose Manage


  • Activate the service


  • Hopefully everything went well...

Modify Nameservers

  • The nameservers of the domain can be modified by the end user in Blesta.
  • Navigate to Services in the client area, and click Manage for the desired domain.


  • Click the sidebar item Nameservers and enter the desired details.
  • Click the icon to save the changes.



If you have an questions regarding the above configuration, you can send an email to

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