Why file is uploaded but file validation is not finished yet?


We have uploaded the .txt file to our server 2 hours ago, but HTTP(s) Validation is not finished yet. What is the reason for the delay?


Following reasons are possible:

a) The file name or contents are incorrect:

The file name should always be in uppercase letters
The file contents should always be in lowercase letters

b) The file is placed incorrectly. Only the following locations are allowed:


For Multi-domain certificates, only the full name is checked, so the valid locations would be:


c) The file contents may contain unreadable or additional characters. To check that please use curl utility with the command of a similar pattern:

curl -A "COMODO DCV" http://www.example.com/FileName

Please check the following:

a) Make sure that the URL containing the file does not redirect to any location aside from the ones that are stated in the section Ib of this FAQ.

b) Please check that the server accepts “COMODO DCV” as a User-Agent.
Some websites block this in their configuration or .htacess file.

c) The file and server must be accessible from anywhere in the world.

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