Why a new spamfilter was imported to reseller account by Openprovider?


Why are Spamexperts filters automatically added into one’s account and invoiced?


There are certain scenarios when SpamFilters can be created directly in the SpamExperts panel bypassing the Openprovider system:

  • The filter is created manually by the Openprovider administrator directly in the SpamExperts panel by customer’s request.
  • The filter is transferred to Openprovider SpamExperts account from another SpamExperts account
  • The filter is created by the customer whom Openprovider gave sub-admin permissions in SpamExperts control panel for usage with a 3rd party system (i.e. Plesk)


To ensure filters ordered using above methods are accessible via RCP and invoiced, the following procedure is performed:

  1. Reseller’s accounts cross-checked daily against Openprovider SpamExperts account to ensure spam filter portfolio consistency
  2. If a discrepancy is found, the filter is imported to reseller’ s account and invoiced the same day
  3. If the invoice fails due to insufficient balance, the filter is deleted


Our system will send a notification to the reseller in case a filter is added or (due to insufficient balance) deleted.

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