Sizes of Membership plans and domains counter

Each Membership plan differs by the size that defines the number of operations available with domains at cost price. E.g. Basic S plan makes it possible to perform 100 operations with domains at Openprovider's cost price. The operations are: registration, renewal, and transfer.

For your convenience, here is the reference table with the maximum number of available operations (plan capacity) with domains included in Membership plans:

  Basic plans Professional plans Expert plans Supreme plans
S 100  5.000 - 125.000
M 500 10.000  30.000 250.000
L 2.000 15.000  50.000  500.000


The current usage of domains in the plan is displayed in the active Membership plan details:



The counter:
In the example above the reseller has performed 14 out of 100 operations (Domains: 14/100) since 6 March 2023. This counter displays only the number of operations performed while the current Membership plan was valid. It does not reflect the total number of domains in your portfolio.

Let's say that you have 600 active domains and the counter says 14/100 since 2023-03-06. This number means that only 14 domains from your portfolio have been registered, renewed, or transferred at the cost price from 6 March 2023. You still have 86 operations for cost price available.

If other domains are eligible for the operations at cost price and any operations are processed, the counter will increase with every operation.  1/100 --> 2/100 --> 3/100
When the counter reaches 100/100, the membership will auto-renew, if the balance is sufficient (in the above example the Auto-renew is OFF). 

If some of the 600 domains are not eligible for the operations at cost price, they will be invoiced at the general "non-member" price that applies and the Membership counter will not increment. Also, the domains that are registered with general promotions won't be added to the membership domain counter.

You can find the prices of the extensions in your control panel.

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