Membership expiration, renewal, upgrade and downgrade


Expired iconExpiration

The Membership plan expires in one of the following cases:

  • 1 calendar year has passed after the plan activation (Exp)
  • the maximum number of operations with domains has reached the limit


Megaphone icon Expiration notifications

You will get notified by e-mail 30, 14 and 2 days before the expiration of your plan.
If you are running out of the operations, you'll get an e-mail when you have reached 95% and 99% of your plan limit. So make sure to check your e-mail regularly :)

Environment icon Renewal

The auto-renew is turned on for all the newly created plans by default. If your account balance allows, the current membership plan will be auto-renewed in both cases described in the Expiration section. 

When auto-renew is turned off and/or the account balance is not sufficient, the Membership plan will not be renewed. At this moment, all the operations with the domains will be charged at the "non-membership" prices that apply to your account.

 Upgrade and Downgrade

You can upgrade and downgrade your Membership plan at any moment by activating the plan of your choice.

Please note that the operations left with your current plan will not be added to the new plan. So make sure to read our mails to choose the right moment for your upgrade and downgrade.


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