5 Retrieving SSL Orders

This is a series of articles dedicated to demonstrating how to get acquainted with Openprovider SSL API methods. If you want to go the beginning of this guide, please navigate to the article "1 How to choose a product".

To get more information about our API in general, please use our documentation portal as your reference.

Using the previous method "4 Creating SSL Order" we created an order with the ID assigned: "1".
Using the current method we will retrieve all orders that are assigned with our reseller's account.
You can retrieve a full list of certificates you have in a system, either active or not, that have specific handle assigned or (and) by name pattern.
To get orders statuses updates immediately we would recommend you to use our webhook system.
Please check input values below.
Entering Geo Fence iconUse endpoint path below. Base URL is determined by both the target environment and API version.
GET {base_url}/ssl/orders






 limit  integer  Min 0, Max 1000.  A number of records that will be returned in the output.
 offset  integer  Min 0, Max ♾️.  The argument is used to identify the starting point to return records.



 - common_name

 - order_date

 - status

 - active_date

 - expiration_date

 - product_name

 string  asc/desc Sorting order.
 common_name_pattern  string  domain name pattern The pattern of domain common name.
 status  string  ACT, PAI, REQ, REJ, FAI, EXP Current order status. 
 contact_handle  string  One of the resellers handles (contacts). Openprovider contact of the person assigned to an order
(e.g. XY123456-ZW).


curl -X GET \
'https://api.openprovider.eu/v1beta/ssl/orders?status=PAI&order_by.order_date=asc' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer ae460da9a7069714b32e29231a6a392c' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \


"code": 0,
"data": {
"results": [
"active_date": "2019-01-01 00:00:01",
"additional_data": [
"dns_record": "ssl-123-domain.com",
"dns_value": "0453ff12343c6d5e24466832668aa13658e5893c917b9486d7c59a57270
"domain": "ssl-123-domain.com",
"file_contents": "0453ff12343c6d5e24466832668aa13658e5893c917b9486d7c59a5
"file_location": "ssl-123-domain.com/.well-known/pki-validation
"md5": "73d01a1232214f96ebf08d6f9d0af6f9",
"sha1": "0453ff12343c6d5e24466832668aa13658e5893c917b9486d7c59a5727074c9c",
"sha256": "0453ff12343c6d5e24466832668aa13658e5893c917b9486d7c59a5727074c9
"administrative_handle": "IA900531-NL",
"autorenew": "off",
"billing_handle": "IA900531-NL",
"brand_name": "RapidSSL",
"certificate": "",
"common_name": "ssl-123-domain.com",
"domain_validation_methods": [
"host_name": "ssl-123-domain.com",
"method": "email"
"domain_validation_statuses": {
"ca_operation": "request",
"ca_order_status": "in_progress",
"ca_status": "requested",
"status": "open"
"email_approver": "admin@ssl-123-domain.com",
"email_reissue": "admin@ssl-123-domain.com",
"expiration_date": "2020-01-01 00:00:01",
"features": "",
"host_names": [
"id": 1306772,
"intermediate_certificate": "",
"options": {
"features": ""
"order_date": "2019-01-01 00:00:01",
"organization_handle": "TH000001-NL",
"period": 1,
"product_id": 5,
"product_name": "RapidSSL",
"root_certificate": "",
"software": "linux",
"sslinhva_order_id": "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111",
"status": "REQ",
"technical_handle": "IA900531-NL",
"validation_method": "domain",
"vendor_order_id": 123456789,
"vendor_reference_id": 123456789
"total": 10
"desc": ""






Result code number.

API Result with code returned.
0 = Success with no errors.

1. data

SSL Orders list data. Returns results with all required data.
1.1 results An array of results.  Returns order(s) data. 

1.1.1 active data

Date value with date stamp. Date of order creation.
1.1.2 additional data Array with additional data. Useful information with validation values that should be added, file locations, etc. dns_record DNS record. DNS record should be added to host. dns_value DNS values. DNS values that should be added to host to process validation
(e.g. random text string). domain Domain name as a string. Domain hostname with what certificate is assigned with. file_contents File contents as a string. File contents that should be added to the host (an e.g. random string of text). file_location File location as a string. Indicates a location where the file should be added into an existing host. md5 MD5 checksum. Order MD5 checksum. sha1 SHA1 checksum. Order SHA1 checksum. sha256 SHA256 checksum. Order SHA256 checksum. 
1.1.2 administrative_handle Openprovider handle. Administrative handle.
1.1.3 autorenew "On" or "Off" If autorenew is enabled or not.
1.1.4 billing_handle Openprovider billing handle. Openprovider handle.
1.1.5 brand_name Certificate brand name (manufacturer). Manufacturer string
(e.g. Comodo or Symantec).
1.1.6 certificate Certificate value (string). Value of certificate.
1.1.7 common_name Domain common name. Domain value (e.g. example.com).
1.1.8 csr CSR value. CSR value returned.
1.2 domain_validation_methods An array of SSL Order Domain Validation Methods  
1.2.1 host_name Domain name. The hostname of the domain in Openprovider order.
1.2.2 method Validation method value.  Validation method value (e.g. "https").
1.3 domain_validation_statuses Set of values returned.  Set of values related to the validation status of your order. 
1.3.1 ca_operation   Returns operation performed in CA.
(e.g. "request").
1.3.2 ca_order_status Certificate Authority order status. Current order status (e.g. "in_progress").
 1.3.3 ca_status Certificate Authority order operation status.

Current status of order operation processing inside CA.
(e.g. "requested"). 

1.3.4 status The string value of current status. Current order status (closed or open).

1.4 email_approver

Email address value.  Email value of approver email.
1.5 email_reissue Email address value. Email value of email reissue approver.
1.6 expiration_date Date of order expiration. Certificate expiration date
(date stamp format).
1.7 features Product features. Indicates product features (if presented).
1.8 host_names An array of strings. Host names.
1.9 id Numberic value or Openprovider order ID. E.g. 1306772.
1.10 intermediate_certificate Intermediate certificate value as a string. An intermediate certificate is a certificate that used between the root and end-user certificate.
1.11 options  SSL Order options.  
1.11.1 features Features of the certificate. The certificate features an optional parameter (if presented).
1.12 order_date Date of order creation. Indicates timestamp when the order was created.
1.13 organization_handle  Contact (handle) value from the reseller account. Openprovider internal technical contact (handle).
1.14 period Period of a lifetime in years. 1 or 2 years.
1.15 product_id Openprovider product ID Indicates the product ID used.
1.16 product_name  SSL Product name. Product name (e.g. RapidSSL).
1.17 root_certificate Root certificate string. Value of root certificate as a string.
1.18 software Windows or Linux. Software used for server:
e.g. Windows or Linux.
1.19 sslinhva_order_id Internal Openprovider value. Internal system Openprovider value of order.
1.20 status ACT, PAI, REQ, REJ, FAI, EXP

Current order status.
(e.g. ACT=active, PAI=purchased but not requested, REQ=requested but under internal validation, REJ=cancel operation requested for an order, FAI=order cancelled, EXP=expired order).

1.21 technical_handle Openprovider internal technical handle (contact). Handle (contact) internal system value
(e.g. "e.g. XY123456-ZW").
1.22 validation_method Value as a string. Validation method (e.g. "domain").
1.23 vendor_order_id  Numeric value of internal order ID.  Internal vendor order ID (e.g. "123456789"). 
1.24 vendor_reference_id Numeric value of interbal vendor ID. Internal vendor order ID (e.g. "123456789").
2. total Numeric value of total results stored in system. Numeric value returned.
desc Description value as a string. Description text returned (if presented).
maintenance True or False. The maintenance: True or False.
warnings  An array of warning messages. An array of boolean and string data returned if Openprovider is under maintenance mode.
2.1 code Code digits. Code value (digits).
2.2 data Data values. Data value returned.
2.3 desc Description value. Description value returned.

After we returned SSL Orders with details we can also check a single exact order you want.
The next method we would be referring to is "6 Updating SSL Order" - that will help us to change some details of not yet active order.


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