API Error Codes


0 No errors Indicates successful operation.
1 No changes in the data Edit your request, it contains no changes.
10 The registry currently not reachable Please wait for a while, then retry, the registry is on maintenance.
11 ERROR CODA response error  
12 This is not an error. Everything went as it is supposed to.  
15 EU registration currently closed. See www.eurid.eu for more information.  
16 The domain is blocked or reserved by EURid  
17 Error while getting information from the registry Please wait for a while, then retry, the registry is on maintenance. 
18 Data is already up-to-date, no updates necessary  
60 Search request limit value exceeded  
98 Requested data not in data-set  
99 No data returned  
100 Empty initials!  Please be sure the initials field contains data.
101 Invalid initials! Please be sure the initials field contains the correct data.
102 Empty first name! Please be sure the first name field contains data.
103 Invalid first name! Check and edit the first name field.
104 Invalid insertion!  
105 Empty last name field! Please be sure the last name field contains data.
106 Invalid lastname! Check and edit the last name field.
107 Empty gender field! Please be sure the gender field contains data.
108 Invalid gender field! Please be sure gender is set up correctly.
110 Empty street name field! Please be sure the street name field contains data.
111 Invalid street name! Please be sure the street name field contains the correct data.
112 Empty house number field! Please be sure the house number field contains data.
113 Invalid housenumber! Please be sure the house number field contains the correct data.
114 Invalid suffix field! Please be sure the suffix field contains the correct/valid data.
115 Empty zipcode field! Please be sure the zipcode field contains data.
116 Invalid zipcode! Please be sure the zipcode field contains the correct/valid data.
117 Empty city field! Please be sure the city field contains data.
118 Invalid city! Please be sure the city field contains the correct/valid data.
119 Invalid state! Please be sure the state field contains the correct/valid data.
120 Empty country field! Please be sure the country field contains data.
121 Invalid country code! Please be sure the country code field contains valid data. Please refer to the list of supported country codes: https://support.openprovider.eu/hc/en-us/articles/13344317042450-Supported-country-codes-for-registration 
130 Empty telephone country code field!  
131 Invalid telephone country code!  
132 Empty telephone regioncode field!  
133 Invalid telephone region code number!  
134 Empty telephone subscribers number!  
135 Invalid telephone subscribers number!  
136 Incomplete telephone number!  
137 Invalid mobile country code!  
138 Invalid mobile region code!  
139 Invalid mobile subscribers number!  
140 Incomplete mobile number!  
141 Invalid fax country code!  
142 Invalid fax region code!  
143 Invalid fax subscribers number!  
144 Incomplete fax number!  
145 Empty e-mail address!  
146 Invalid e-mail!  
150 Invalid fiscal number!  
151 Invalid birthdate!  
152 Invalid birthcity!  
160 Empty companyname field!  
161 Invalid company name!  
162 Invalid vat number!  
163 Invalid Chambre of Commerce number!  
164 Invalid Chambre of Commerce region!  
165 Invalid Chambre of Commerce date!  
166 Empty mainoffice!  
167 Invalid mainoffice!  
168 Empty website field!  
169 Invalid website field!  
170 Empty type field!  
171 A contact person with this type already exists!  
172 Invalid customer type  
173 ERROR while saving contact data  
174 ERROR requesting external contactdata  
175 Owner is not a citizen of an .EU member-state  
176 Customer handle not found  
177 External customer handle not found  
178 Updating customer data with Registry Failed  
179 You can not add more than one billing or admin contact.  
180 Empty search field!  
181 Choose a search type!  
182 Companyname already exists!  
183 Customer is not an individual one please perform the action with a contact person  
184 Customer is not a contact person please perform the action with an individual  
185 You cannot delete yourself as a reseller! Be sure you are not removing yourself as reseller cause operation is not possible.
186 Company is still connected to handles! Looks you're trying to remove a Company that is connected to handles. Remove handles firstly.
187 Customer is still attached to some domains!  
188 Customer is still attached to some SSL orders!  
190 Invalid username! Please check the username and make sure it contains correct data.
191 Username already exists! Select another username cause it's already exist in a system.
192 Password doesn't match verification! Please be sure you're using a strong password that matches the verification pattern(s).
193 Handle is not recognized by the Openprovider system Please check the handle ID used in your request. 
194 Company is not known within the Openprovider system! Please check the company you're indicating.
195 Invalid handle Indicate the correct handle.
196 Authorization Failed

Authorization failed due to incorrect credentials, make sure correct data is used. 

197 Account is blocked because of non-signed agreement. Log in to the control panel for more information.

Please check and sign the 'Processor Agreement' at https://cp.openprovider.eu/documentation/contracts.php

199 An unknown error has occurred! No immediate resolution, contact support@openprovider.com please. 
200 Empty or invalid nameserver group name field!  
201 Nameserver group name not found in Openprovider system!  
202 Nameserver group name already exists!  
203 The nameservergroup is attached to some domains  
220 Choose a group or individual nameservers!  
221 You must enter minimum 2 nameserver name and IP address or a groupname!  
222 Invalid or double nameserver%s, nameserver must be unique!  
223 Empty nameservers or nameserver group name  
224 Nameserver not found in Openprovider system!  
225 Empty nameserver name NS-1 field!  
226 Invalid nameserver%s field!  
227 Invalid nameserver%s IP address!  
228 Invalid nameserver%s IPv6 address!  
229 Enter at least one IP address IPv4 or IPv6 for nameserver%s  
230 Nameserver is already present in your account! Same nameserver you're trying to use is already present in the system, change values and retry.
231 IP address is mandatory for nameserver%s Please make sure you indicated IP for nameservers used.
234 Can't resolve IP address from host! The system can not match IP and host used. Make sure correct data used.
244 The nameservercheck returned errors  
245 Nameserver-update failed  
299 An unknown nameserver error has occurred  
300 Your domain request contains an empty domain name!  
301 Your domain request contains only numbers!  
302 Your domain request has more than 63 characters!  
303 Your domain request contains invalid characters!  
304 Your domain request begins with an - !  
305 Your domain request ends with an - !  
306 Your domain request contains an empty extension! Check if the extension indicated is correct.
307 Your domain request contains an invalid extension! The extension is presented but not exist. Be sure exist one is used.
308 Openprovider doesn't have your digital signature Please return into RCP login page and sign up contact.
309 You have not signed the latest version of the contract for registering %s extension. After signing the contract, please click the “Order domain” button at the bottom of the page again.  
310 Credit is not enough! Balance is insufficient.
Increase balance.
311 The domain you want to register is not free! Try another domain that is free and available for registration.
312 The domain you want to register is free!  
313 The domain you want to transfer is free Domain tried to be transferred is not yet registered. Register it using any registrar and then retry to transfer.
314 The domain you want to trade is free  
315 Empty period! Please check if you
316 Invalid period!  
317 Empty authorization code!  
318 The authorization code is incorrect or missing  
319 For this domain name, no authorization code can be requested API call requestAuthCodeDomainRequest (XML API) / GetAuthCode (REST API) is not available for some TLDs. Try resetAuthCodeDomainRequest (XML API) or ResetAuthCode (REST API) instead, if the registry allows it.
320 The domain is not known by the Openprovider system!  
321 Domains with this extension cannot be traded The extension is not supported for trade, please try another extension.
322 Domains with this extension cannot be transferred  
323 This is an internal transfer  
324 This domain cannot be renewed yet  
325 This domain is already renewed No need to renew the domain name, it's already renewed.
326 This domain is already in your account  
327 This domain is not yet active  
328 This domain is locked  
329 Locking not possible for extension The extension does not support locking, try another extension.
330 Empty owner handle! Be sure owner handle is presented in a request. 
331 Invalid owner handle! Be sure the owner handle in the request is correct.  
332 Empty admin handle! Be sure admin handle is presented in a request. 
333 Invalid admin handle! Be sure the admin handle in the request is correct.  
334 Empty tech handle! Be sure tech handle is presented in a request. 
335 Invalid tech handle! Be sure the owner handle in the request is correct.  
336 The owner-data differs too much with the current registration-data!  
337 The entered owner does not equal the owner in the whois  
338 For this domain name, authorization code can not be reset  
339 Not all external handles are created please wait for several minutes and try again  
340 The registry is unavailable due to maintainance Registry temporary unreachable. Wait for a while and retry again.
341 ERROR saving domain data  
342 Domain cannot be renewed again within 10 seconds after the last renewal  
343 You cannot renew this domain for the chosen period  
344 Invalid format of date   
346 This domain is already in your account  
348 <p>The domain %s uses the <i>local presence</i> of Openprovider. For that reason, an authorization code can not be set. Please update the domain registration first in order to remove the local presence of Openprovider. Afterwards, you can request the authorization code.<br/ ><br />The domain owner or the new provider should be able to provide you details about their local presence.</p>  
350 This domain is already present in Openprovider system  
353 Domain is not known by registry  
355 Incorrect domain deletion type specified  
358 Provided authorization code is incorrect  
360 Nameservers in different subnets required  
361 For a .de domain, it is required that the owner or administrative contact are located in Germany.  
362 Domain has already been registered in Openprovider  
363 Domain has not been registered in Openprovider  
364 Owner handle must differ from current one  
365 This domain is not under your account  
366 Transfer is prohibited due to the domain status, contact your current registrar  
367 This action is prohibited for current domain status  
369 Transfer is prohibited, the domain appears to be locked against transfer  
370 Empty application mode!  
380 Missing first name to register an .it domain  
381 Missing state to register an .it domain  
382 Missing fiscal number to register an .it domain  
383 Missing birthdate to register an .it domain  
384 Missing birthcity to register an .it domain  
385 Missing vatnumber to register an .it domain  
386 Missing Chambre of Commerce number to register an .it domain  
387 Missing Chambre of Commerce region to register an .it domain  
388 Missing Chambre of Commerce date to register an .it domain  
389 Owner should match the administrative contact in case of a company  
390 The entered owner does not match the whois consider a trade instead of a transfer  
391 The entered owner does match the whois consider doing a transfer instead of a trade  
392 The form could not be found  
393 The authorisation code has been sent to the owner  
394 The authorisation code could not be sent see the FAQ for more information  
396 This extension is locked to prepare the domains for the General Availability. Try again after the General Availability opens  
397 Your domain will be renewed automatically within a few days, it has to be transferred to our own registrar account first. No further action is required from your side  
398 Invalid queue status set  
399 An unknown domain error has occurred for more details, please refer to the registry message below  
400 Empty name field!  
401 Invalid name!  
402 Empty e-mail address!  
403 Invalid e-mail address!  
404 Empty subject field!  
405 Empty question field!  
420 Name is mandatory  
421 Name is invalid  
422 E-mail is mandatory  
423 E-mail is invalid  
424 Sender is mandatory  
425 Sender is invalid  
500 Domain is not registered with Openprovider check whois  
501 The domainname contains less than the minimum allowed number of characters  
502 An database error has occurred. Please contact Openprovider.  
503 Could not retreive whois information  
504 Application Pending  
505 You can only register 1 .EU domain at a time an not combined with an other extension  
506 Registration right is invalid  
507 Richt on name is invalid  
508 Supplier of documentary evidence is invalid  
509 Prior right country is invalid  
510 Document language is invalid  
511 3rd party emailaddress in invalid  
512 Domain is blocked  
513 Domain is reserved  
514 The domain is already being transferred  
515 Invalid status for domain  
517 Empty billing handle!  
540 Mobile phone must be verified  
541 Cannot do this operation because administrative data of .ru/.xn--p1ai domain-s was changed less than 30 days ago  
542 This domain cannot be transferred because expiration date is too close  
545 Incorrect sending type for auth code  
546 Incorrect type for phone confirmation  
547 Registration/transfer is prohibited for current domain name  
548 Cannot trade domain to unverified contact  
549 Cannot modify administrative fields of .ru/.xn--p1ai domains' owner. Please use trade command for it.  
550 Operation is invalid  
560 Cannot delete domain on registry side  
561 Cannot delete domain because it has glue records  
570 Auth code sending is denied to unverified phone. Please go to owner's details page and click button 'Get code', complete phone verification.  
571 Auth code sending is denied to unverified email. Please go to owner's details page and click button 'Start verification', complete email verification.



701 The domains limit is exceeded.
Please send less domains in one request
There is a limit of 15 domains per request for checkDomainRequest.
800 Unknown DNS zone  
801 Invalid domain name  
802 Invalid extension  
803 Invalid record type  
804 Invalid IPv4 IP address  
805 A zone already exists for this domain  
806 You did not enter all data  
807 A slave zone can only contain 1 record of the type  
808 Invalid record type  
810 Record can not be deleted  
811 SOA record can not be deleted  
812 Name of record not entered  
813 Type of record not entered  
814 Value of record not entered  
815 Invalid value for TTL numerical, minimum value of 600  
816 Invalid value for priority  
817 Duplicate record  
820 Invalid A record  
821 Invalid CNAME record  
822 Invalid MX record  
823 Invalid NS record  
824 Invalid SOA record  
825 Invalid PTR record  
826 Invalid AAAA record  
827 Invalid TXT record  
828 Invalid SPF record  
829 Invalid record name  
830 IP address of the PTR record is not equal to the A record of this domain  
831 Invalid MX record the record should point to an existing A record  
832 Invalid SRV record  
833 Invalid SRV weight  
834 Invalid SRV port  
835 Invalid SRV address  
836 Invalid TLSA record  
837 Invalid SSHFP record  
850 You did not choose a valid zone type  
851 You did not yet define your mail servers  
852 Enter at least 1 mail server  
853 Invalid value for mail server  
854 Enter both the subdomain, as where to point to IP or URL  
855 Invalid value for the subdomain  
856 Invalid value for the subdomain  
857 You entered duplicate subdomains  
858 You entered duplicate mail servers  
860 DNS zone could not be added  
870 Invalid name for the template  
871 Wrong orderBy field.  
872 Zone specified is not found. Please ensure the zone name is correct and the zone is active (not disabled).
873 Template specified is not found.  
874 Template ID is empty.  
876 Please insert DNS records  
877 It is not possible to use MX records that point to an IP address in the range  
891 DNSSEC is not supported by this extension  
895 DNSSEC keys and digests should be BASE64 encoded  
896 DNSSEC processing failed.  
900 Login failed  
901 Empty username field!  
902 Empty password field!  
910 The form you sent was not recognized by the Openprovider system  
911 The version of the command sent is not or no longer valid  
920 Your balance is insufficient  
921 Invalid characters in amount!  
922 The amount is too small!  
923 Amounts larger than ¡ 1000,00 can only be payed by wire transfer!  
924 Invalid currency.  
927 Increase balance payment failed  
950 Payment ID is invalid  
951 Confirmation code is invalid  
952 The confirmation checkbox is not checked  
953 The payment could not be found  
954 The payment is already confirmed  
955 Amount is empty  
956 Payment method is empty  
957 Payment method is not supported  
958 Payment method is not allowed to reseller  
960 You have already selected your account currency  
999 An unknown error occurred please contact Openprovider  
1000 Empty field for the type SSL cerificate!  
1001 Empty field for the number of servers on the PremiumSSL Wildcard!  
1002 Empty field for the years for the SSL certificate!  
1003 Empty field for the CSR!  
1004 Empty field for the servers software for the SSL certificate!  
1005 Empty field for the address for the SSL certificate!  
1006 Invalid field for the address for the SSL certificate!  
1007 Empty field for the zipcode for the SSL certificate!  
1008 Invalid field for the zipcode for the SSL certificate!  
1009 Empty field for the city for the SSL certificate!  
1010 Invalid field for the city for the SSL certificate!  
1011 Empty field for the state for the SSL certificate!  
1012 Invalid field for the state for the SSL certificate!  
1013 An unexpected error occured!  
1015 Invalid country for the SSL certificate  
1016 The company name in your handle is does not exist or is invalid. Please check the details in your handle.  
1017 Invalid phone for the SSL certificate  
1020 Invalid product  
1021 Invalid period!  
1022 Selected no or invalid webserver software  
1023 Entered invalid subdomain in the hostnames  
1024 Invalid subject alternative names  
1025 The CSR entered specifies alternative domain names. This certificate does not support alternative domain names.  
1026 Invalid wildcard format  
1027 Wildcards are not supported by the product  
1028 CSR common name should start with wildcard *  
1029 The CSR entered does not specify any subject alternative domain names SAN. This is required for a multi-domain certificate. Please reconfigure your CSR.  
1030 Invalid CSR  
1031 Found no or invalid common name CN gevonden in CSR  
1032 This product can not be supplemented with additional features  
1033 A maximum of %d additional domains applies  
1034 Chosen features set is not supported by the product or invalid  
1035 Multiple features are not allowed  
1036 Please complete the field - Email address approver.  
1037 Certificate is not active  
1038 An unknown error occured when generating CSR, please check parameters passed  
1040 Selected no handle  
1041 Selected invalid handle  
1045 Invalid e-mail address for approver  
1046 E-mail address for approver is not allowed  
1050 CSR must contain company  
1051 CSR must contain country  
1052 CSR company must be equal to contact company  
1082 <strong>The next hostnames are invalid:</strong> %s  
1083 Certificate can not be reissued from incomplete order  
1084 Invalid order  
1085 The command was not recognized  
1086 An unknown error occurred when processing requested plugin action  
1087 Order is being processed by CA  
1088 SSL certificate request has been rejected  
1089 SSL certificate has been revoked  
1090 Revocation reason can not be empty  
1091 Payment required for the successful order  
1092 Product is currently disabled  
1093 Empty order id  
1094 Invalid order id  
1095 Invalid order status  
1096 Invalid product\'s category  
1097 Empty product ID.  
1098 Invalid product ID.  
1099 An unknown error occurred for more information, see the details below:<br>  
1100 Valid customer name required  
1101 Valid company name required  
1102 Valid domain name required  
1103 Valid e-mail address required  
1105 Logo required  
1106 Invalid logo file type: should be .gif or .jpg  
1107 Invalid logo dimensions: should be 600px by 280px max  
1540 Cannot request or reset authorization code, domain locked for transfer. Please unlock the domain first.  
1901 Fiscal number owner is necessary to register this domain  
1902 A VAT number owner is required for this domain request  
1903 A company registration number CoC is required for this domain request  
1910 The admin and owner for an .ES domain must be the same person.  
1920 A company needs a valid SIREN/SIRET number put this in the CoC field  
1921 No birth date has been entered  
1922 Birth date is not formatted as dd-mm-yyyy  
1923 No birth place has been entered  
1924 Owner and administrative contact should be French  
1925 Passport number is missing  
1926 Please check customer\'s details. Something is wrong with them.  
2001 Uploading the file failed.  
2002 The filetype is not supported.  
2003 An error has occurred while processing the file.  
2004 Only csv file supported.  
3001 Title is required parameter  
3002 License cannot be created. Try again later  
3003 You have not changed any option. There is nothing to upgrade  
3004 License cannot be upgraded. Try again later  
3005 Cannot connect to the server. Try again later  
3006 Service temporarily unavailable. Try again later  
3007 No license product exists for given ID.  
3008 Empty license product ID.  
3009 Invalid orderBy value.  
3010 License ID is empty.  
3011 No license found for given ID.  
3012 License\'s title is empty.  
3013 Invalid \'domains\' specified.  
3014 Invalid \'langPacks\' specified.  
3015 Invalid \'features\' specified.  
3016 Invalid \'keyType\' specified.  
3017 \'keyType\' is empty.  
3018 \'period\' is invalid.  
3019 \'options\' parameter is empty.  
3020 \'options\' parameter is invalid.  
3021 A license with such an ID does not exist.  
3022 Cannot create a license. Check if your Company\'s Zipcode is correct.  
3023 Cannot create a license. Check if your Company\'s State is correct.  
3027 \'virtualization\' parameter is invalid.  
3028 \'edition\' parameter is invalid.  
3029 \'pack\' parameter is invalid.  
4001 Wrong command name.  
4002 Permission denied  
4003 Command\'s parameters access violation  
5001 Empty active flag.  
5002 Invalid contact ID.  
5003 Empty contact ID.  
5004 Cannot remove last admin contact  
5005 Contact cannot remove himself  
5006 Wrong password format minimum of 6 characters, no spaces, minimum of 1 digit  
5008 Bad IP list value.  
5009 Invalid auth type.  
5010 INN is invalid  
5011 KPP is invalid  
6001 Additional data: Invalid birth city.  
6002 Additional data: Invalid birth address.  
6003 Additional data: Empty birth country.  
6004 Additional data: Invalid birth country.  
6005 Additional data: Invalid birth date.  
6006 Additional data: Invalid birth state.  
6007 Additional data: Invalid birth zipcode  
6008 Additional data: Invalid headquarters address.  
6009 Additional data: Invalid headquarters city.  
6010 Additional data: Empty headquarters country.  
6011 Additional data: Invalid headquarters country.  
6012 Additional data: Invalid headquarters state.  
6013 Additional data: Invalid headquarters zipcode.  
6014 Additional data: Invalid social security number.  
6015 Additional data: Invalid company registration city.  
6016 Additional data: Invalid company registration number.  
6017 Additional data: Invalid company registration subscription date.  
6018 Unfortunately, there aren\'t free domains in your list.  
6020 Invalid value, please only use numbers and digits  
6200 Cannot delete a customer with domains assigned  
6206 Cannot delete a customer that assigned as default handles  
10001 Invalid email specified  
10002 Invalid username specified  
10003 No email nor username are specified  
10004 Invalid password specified  
10005 Access denied The IP address sending the API call is denied by your whitelist or blacklist
10006 Two factor authentication required  
10007 Invalid code provided, please try again. If you keep having problems logging in, please contact our <a href=\ mailto:support@openprovider.com\ >support department</a>.  
10008 API access is disabled for this contact  
11000 Cannot connect to spam filter server  
11001 Reseller has no active subscription  
11002 Reseller already has active subscription  
11003 Your request contains an empty domain name  
11004 Your request contains an invalid domain name  
11005 Your request contains an empty destination  
11006 Your request contains an invalid destination  
11007 Your request contains an empty alias  
11008 Your request contains an invalid alias  
11009 Your request contains an empty domain id  
11010 Your request contains an invalid domain id  
11011 Exceeded subscription domain limit please upgrade your bundle  
11012 Cannot delete bundle: delete all active filters first  
11013 IP is invalid  
11014 Domain IP users limit is exceeded  
11101 Invalid options specified  
11102 Please choose a bundle size that differs from your current bundle size  
11103 Invalid promotion code - please check the code entered is correct  
11999 Spam filter server error, please see details below:  
13000 Incorrect PromoCode  
13001 This promotion code is already used in this account  
14200 Signed marked data SMD is not in base64 format  
14201 Signed marked data SMD has been found in revocation list  
14202 Wrong signed marked data SMD format  
18000 DNS check no results  
19003 Locking is not possible for domains with `Whois Privacy Protection` option enabled  
25000 Wrong auto renew value  
25001 Too early for renew  
25002 Renew is not implemented right now  
25003 Renew is not allowed  
25004 Company name of the organization contact must be specified  
25005 Common name cannot be changed  
25006 Invalid operation. Updating cannot be processed  
25007 Invalid operation. Reissue cannot be processed  
25007 Invalid operation. Reissue cannot be processed  
25008 Invalid operation. Validation cannot be processed  
25009 Invalid operation. Cancellation cannot be processed  
25010 Invalid operation. Deletion cannot be processed  
25011 Invalid operation  
25012 Method is currently suspended by Symantec  
25013 Department must contain only numbers, letters, points and spaces  
25014 Company data can not be changed during the reissue  
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