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What are Openprovider API calls limits?



How many calls can be sent to Openprovider API until access is blocked / denied?


There are two patterns of API calls that can lead to API access block based on various conditions:

  1. Identical calls - any calls to the Openprovider API using valid credentials, where all arguments are identical

  2. Failed login attempts - any calls to the Openprovider API using invalid credentials


Call type Rate limits (LIVE)  Rate limits (CTE) Response API access block time
Identical calls 300 calls / 300 seconds 50 calls / 100 seconds
10005 Access denied
Until removed manually
Failed login attempts 100 calls / 3600 seconds 50 calls / 50 seconds
Calls limit has been reached
20 minutes



  1. To restore API access in case of '10005 Access denied': log in to your RCP account > Navigate to contacts overview > Click on the blocked contact > Remove blocked IP from the blacklist
  2. To restore API access in case of 'Calls limit has been reached' - wait for 20 minutes after the block or contact Openprovider support team
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