Outgoing mail is quarantined

When an outgoing mail is quarantined, please check the reason. Using the outgoing log search, the mail can be found. Using the "Columns to be displayed" option, you can customize the log output and add "Sub Class" and "Extra Class." These columns will give more information on why the mail is blocked.


If these columns show the class "contains-macro" it means that there is an attachment in the mail that is often used by spammers. Since Spamexperts offers a shared anti-spam solution and want to keep their server reputation healthy, they do not permit any file types that are known to be commonly used by spammers, such as the sending of macros and exe files in attachments.

We recommend end users do not mimic the kinds of behaviour seen by spammers to prevent any unnecessary delays in mail. Possible options are to use password protected zip files for any one off email attachments or any number of other common file transfer solutions if these kinds of files are genuine and shared regularly.

Outgoing quarantined mail can only be released by Spamexperts themselves. If the mail is quarantined for another reason, we can have the mail evaluated and possibly released if you contact us. Otherwise it's advised to check the error code and adjust the mail accordingly.

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