How to restore a domain ?

Question :

How can I restore a domain in its period of restoration?


Answer :

In case the domain can still be restored (depending on the TLD and the quarantine period) the domain can be restored via the Control Panel or via API.

If the domain is not visible in the restore queue, please check the details of the TLD if restore is supported and what the period in which restore should be possible.

Steps to restore a domain :


You can find the restore option in 2 locations.

1 - Via the menu Domains Overview >> Restorable Domains.

2 - On the detail page of the domain name itself.


Domains Overview >> Restorable Domains



Detail page of the domain name





Click on the confirmation, and the domain will be restored!


It depends on the TLD and/or the phase of the domain if a restore fee is charged.

Please check the pages for information about the Soft quarantine (no restore fee) and Hard quarantine (restore fee).

The prices for the restore fee per TLD can be found in the control panel via this link.

If you would like to restore a deleted/expired domain that is not shown in the control panel, please contact our support team.


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