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Soft quarantine


What is softquarantine


Normally when a domain name is deleted it will immediately enter quarantine status. Most TLDs will charge costs to reactivate a domain, for gTLDs this can go up to hundreds of dollars just to reactivate the domain.

To reduce the impact of a domain that will expire, Openprovider introduced a functionality called soft quarantine. This means that when the domain name expires, it will no longer be active, but can be reactivated without additional fees.

To achieve this Openprovider use the renewal terms given to our suppliers. These are generally not exactly on the end of the validity period of the domain name and Openprovider can extend it without paying for it. Until the actual end-date is reached, Openprovider allows to reactivate the domain without additional (restore) fee aside from a year renewal of the domain name.

During the time that the domain name has expired in the resellers account and the moment Openprovider will delete it, The nameservers for the domain will be changed to: (, and These nameservers contain their own zone and will show a landing page.

During the time that the domain is in soft quarantine the reseller can reactivate it via your control panel.

Soft quarantine is available for nearly all gTLDs (only on expiration, not on explicit deletion).

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