Recurring Payments

Openprovider offers 2 options for automatic / recurring payments:

  • Keeping a positive balance
  • Scheduled payments


Keep a positive balance

Set a threshold of a balance that you wish to maintain and a payment amount that you want to add to your balance. This scenario is ideal if you want to maintain a certain balance. We check the balance after each billable transaction and automatically execute the recurring payment to top up your balance.

Let’s say you want to keep a balance at €500,- and you set a payment of €200. If your account balance drops below €500, your account will be topped by an amount of €200. 

In case if your balance drops to €200 in one go, your account will be topped by an amount of €300 to get to the threshold that you have defined.  

Scheduled payments

Set a specific amount to be added to your balance every defined number of days.
This scenario suits you best, if you know that you normally add, say, €300 every 5 days to your account at Openprovider.

You may stop your recurring payment at any time via your control panel.

A transaction fee (incl vat) may be charged. This will be displayed in the control panel.

Setting up the Recurring Payment

You can find this option in the control panel: Account > Financial > Recurring payments

You are requested to sign the terms and conditions of this service during setup, before the service will be enabled.

Afterwards the signed terms and conditions can be found in the section: Account > Contract > Recurring Payments

If the option is not yet available in your account, please contact our sales department at


Change payment details

After saving a payment one cannot change its details (expiry month, expiry year, account number, holder name, etc). The only option to change the current payment details, it to delete the current recurring payment and set up a new one.


In case the Create button stays greyed out after filling in the payment details, this means that the provided details were not successfully validated by our payment processor. Please check the  details and try again.
In case this does not resolve your problem, please contact the support department for assistance.


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