Reporting abuse

This article describes how to submit a complaint about a domain name to our team. From our role as registrar, we will inform our reseller but we cannot judge on content or transfer the domain to a new owner or registrar. For such cases, please refer to our formal Abuse and complaints policy.

Being a large registrar, there is a chance a domain is registered that is used for fraudulent webshops, phishing activities, copyright violations or other abusive means. If you encounter such domains, you can contact our abuse department through this website: 

Information for the complainant

If you want to inform us about an abuse case, you can contact us by filling in the contact form. To be able to act carefully and faster, please send us the fraudulent domain name and the reasons why you consider the domain fraudulent. Some examples of abuse could be:

  • Fraudulent webshop selling fake products
  • Phishing
  • Content not allowed
  • Copyright

Be sure to send a clear report and include all your contact details in your e-mail.

It is very important that you keep in mind that we are the domain registrar but we are not responsible for the content of the domain, since we do not offer hosting or email. This means that we are not in a position to judge or delete content or force suspension, delete or transfer a domain.

For this reason, our normal procedure is to inform the domain reseller and forward the complaint. They, in contact with the domain owner, will decide to investigate, suspend, solve the abuse or delete the domain.

If after contacting us you see that the problem is still there, what you should do is submit a formal complaint to ICANN ( or WIPO ( Only with a formal resolution, we will be able to delete or transfer a domain. 

Information for the reseller

When we receive a complaint, we forward it to the reseller and mark the domain as "abusive". We will send an e-mail to the reseller informing him/her/them about the complaint. This e-mail contains a deadline.


Normally the reseller has 5 days to resolve the issue and provide a response using the control panel (accessing the details page of abusive domains will show a pop-up with details of the abuse report, see the screenshot below). This time frame can be different in specific cases. The response should clearly state how the issue was cured and how future abuse will be prevented. Or, if the complaint was invalid, it should clearly explain why the complaint is incorrect.

Be sure to submit a response before the deadline. Lack of response may cause the domain to be suspended - the domain is then inactive. If a domain is suspended, the reseller will be informed via another email. At any time, the reseller can remove the suspension of the domain from the control panel.


Note: From Domains Overview, you can filter abusive domains by selecting the option Show only 'abusive' domains.

Openprovider has the following options:

  • Only notify: no follow-up action will be scheduled. For example, a question to remove specific information from a larger website or malware distributed through a sub-domain.
  • Suspend domain: when the deadline passes without a response, the domain will be inactivated. Website, e-mail and other services will stop functioning. The reseller can easily unsuspend a domain by providing a valid response through the control panel.
  • Delete domain: in rare circumstances, we may be required to delete a domain name from the registry.




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