Min: 1 Year
Max: 1 Year
The registration of a .ee domeinname is realtime. Domains must be registered and managed via our free trustee service. Local domain administrator (AdminC) required.
Nameserver must be set up in advance and provide an authoritative response.










Transfer characteristics
Transfer authorization code required no
Method of confirmation  
Registration period after transfer  
Transfer time  
Advanced and simple transfers available Contact our Sales department to check if easy transfer of 100 or more .ee domains is available.


Trade (owner change)












Restore (reactivation)




TLD information


Detailed extension information
  • Registry:
  • Registry whois:
  • Registry web based whois:
  • Registry zonefile updates:
Technical information
  • DNSSEC support:
  • Registration period:
  • Renewal date offset: 0
  • Quarantine period: 0
  • Local presence required?Yes
  • Does Openprovider provide local presence services?
  • Local activity required?
  • Correct nameserver configuration required?
  • Nameservers must be configured and return an authoritative answer before the domain is requested.
  • Local address of the domain owner is required.
  • Limited number of domains per registrant.
  • Tax number (individual) or VAT number (company) is required.
Registration agreement The registry requires that a registration agreement is in place between the provider and the domain holder. The text of this registration agreement and any required supplements is the following:


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