Registration is realtime and requires no additional data.

When a Domain Name is Registered, certain information is collected for use on the WhoIs service. The WhoIs Service allows internet users to query a Domain Name to find out the identity and contact details of the Registrant.
The public WhoIs service is a standard feature of Domain Name systems around the world. Please see the .aeDA’s WhoIs Data Collection and Display Policy which sets out the guidelines on the collection, disclosure and use of WhoIs data.




A transfer must be started with an authorization code. The current registrar can provide the registrant with this authorization code. After initiating the transfer the registrant of the domainname will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation.

After this confirmation is given the transfer will be started at the registry and the current registrar has 2 days to object or approve the transfer. After 2 days the transfer will automatically finalize.

If the authorization code cannot be retrieved from the current registrar, it can be requested at the registry directly through their password recovery page.


The authorization code can only be shared with the registrant, not with the reseller.


Transfer characteristics
Transfer authorization code required yes
Method of confirmation authcode,email
Registration period after transfer unchanged
Transfer time 2 days
Advanced and simple transfers available Contact our Sales department to check if easy transfer of 100 or more .ae domains is available.


Trade (owner change)


A written request from both current and new domain holder is required before initiating an owner change.




A change in the information of the domainname can be done by updating it in the control panel.
These changes are processed real-time.




The deletion of the domain is realtime. After the domainname has been deleted it will remain in quarantine for 3 days. During this period it can be reactivated.


Restore (reactivation)


A domain can be restored for 28 days after deletion.


TLD information


Detailed extension information
Technical information
  • DNSSEC support: no
  • Minimum length: 2 characters
  • Maximum length: 63 characters
  • Allowed characters: a-z 0-9 -
  • IDN characters: n/a
  • Registration period: 1-5 years
  • Renewal date offset: 0 days
    The number of days before the registry's expiration date, that Openprovider requires the domain to be renewed or expired. More info.
  • Soft quarantine period: n/a days
    During this period, following after an expiration, the domain can be restored for free. This period does not apply if the domain is deleted explicitly. More info.
  • Quarantine period: 28 days
    During this period, an expired or deleted domain name can be reactivated at an additional fee.
  • Local presence required? no
  • Does Openprovider provide local presence services? no
  • Local activity required? no
  • Correct nameserver configuration required?
  • Nameservers must be reachable over IPv4
Registration agreement The registry requires that a registration agreement is in place between the provider and the domain holder. The text of this registration agreement and any required supplements is the following:
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