How to import external DNS zones to Openprovider nameservers?


How to import existing DNS zones that are hosted elsewhere to Openprovider nameservers?


Using Openprovider API to create DNS zones

In order to populate multiple zones at once with a number of records it is highly advised to utilise Openprovider API modifyZoneRequest method.

For each domain and each zone, one should follow these steps:

  1. Get current contents of a DNS zone
  2. Create a DNS zone in Openprovider
  3. Update the domain
    Once the zone is available in Openprovider, you can update the nameservers that are linked to the domain name. The only required variables here are the domain and the ns_group, which must be set to dns-openprovider.

Updating domains

Once the import is finished, update the domains via bulk operation tool to use dns-openprovider nameserver group.

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