How to transfer domains between reseller accounts (internal transfer)?


How to transfer domains from one Openprovider account to another?


Sometimes it happens that you need to switch domains between accounts. If the list is short it is relatively easy to just start internal transfers for these by starting a transfer via the regular transfer processes in our control panel. If there are hundreds of domains to be moved then Openprovider can assist you with moving the domains.

Internal transfer using the control panel

An internal transfer must be requested as a normal transfer. Depending on the extension, domain will be transferred instantly or when the current reseller confirms the transfer. As this is a normal transfer, only the domain will be transferred, not any attached services, like DNS zones, WPP, forwardering etc.

  • Domains with authcode: Once the internal transfer is requested, using the authcode and adding the nameservers and the handles, domain will be transferred instantly to the new account. Domains will not be renewed and not charged because they will not be renewed.

  • Domains without authcode: Once the internal transfer is requested, the current reseller will receive an email informing about that request. Current reseller will have to confirm the internal transfer from Domain Management > Requests queue transfers and trades > Outgoing transfers. Once confirmed, domains will be transferred to the new reseller.
    NOTE : In some cases, the email is sent to the registrant email address who will need to confirm it.

Internal transfer in bulk

If a large number of domains need to be transferred between two reseller accounts, (in case accounts are merged, split up or taken over), regular transfers may not be the most efficient way.

For such cases, there is a procedure in place that allows for an internal bulk transfer - a transfer of a larger number of domains between two Openprovider resellers that requires just two signatures on a transfer form.

You can find more details about this option in the link below:



Any additional services attached to the domains (including but not limited to trustee service, DNS zone, domain forwarding and whois privacy protection) will be taken over as well.
We can move Domain Names, SSL Certificates and Plesk Licenses.
We are not able to move SpamExperts filters or bundles.



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