Internal bulk transfer between two Openprovider resellers


How to transfer a large number of domains between two Openprovider Reseller Accounts?


A single domain-transfer between 2 resellers works similar to a transfer from another registrar, it can be initiated via your control panel and, in most cases, will require a transfer code. The remaining registration period will also in most cases be transferred, which makes an internal transfer free of charge. (Exceptions might occur for some Tlds, the price is always shown in the control panel)

If a large number of domains need to be transferred between two reseller accounts, (in case accounts are merged, split up or taken over), regular transfers may not be the most efficient way.

In this case we can offer a manual procedure, done by our hard diligent 2nd line team.

This procedure is in place and allows for an internal bulk transfer - a transfer of a larger number of domains between two Openprovider resellers that requires just two signatures on a transfer form. Apart from efficiency, the biggest advantage is that all contact data will be migrated as well and expiration dates do not change. The procedure is as follows:

  • Complete and sign the internal bulk transfer form; both the losing and the gaining reseller should sign
  • In case just a part of the account must be transferred, a list of the affected domains must be sent in two formats: a list in plain text (e.g. a spreadsheet) and a list signed by both resellers
  • As stated in the form, the gaining reseller agrees on paying the fixed fee of €80 for the bulk transfer and acknowledges that any additional services attached to the domain (including but not limited to trustee service, DNS zone, domain forwarding and whois privacy protection) will be taken over as well
  • Openprovider will validate the bulk transfer with the losing and gaining reseller
  • After this validation, our 2nd line team will schedule for this transfer to take place (NOTE: this is a manual task and therefor not immediate).
  • Once completed you will receive a confirmation on the related support ticket. 


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