Availability phases of new gTLDs


What are the different phases on New gTLDs registration?


When a new gTLD is available, there are two or three phases to register the domain: Sunrise, Landrush (not always) and General Availability.


During the Sunrise, owners can submit their registrations. To submit a domain during Sunrise a TMCH registration is required. Often the domain will not immediately be registered on your behalf, but the registry may gather all requests and have an auction at the end of the Sunrise period if multiple applications exist for the same name. Price on Sunrise phase is expensive than usual price.


During the Landrush anyone can submit a request for a specific domain. Just like the Sunrise the domain will usually not be immediately registered, but auctioned at the end of the Landrush period.

General Availability/Claims

During the General Availability period anyone can submit a registration for the TLD. These registrations will usually be processed immediately and the owner can start using it right away. During the first 90 days of a TLDs existence there will also be a Claims period. During this time trademark holders will be notified if a registered term is registered as a domain name. Please note that we will request explicit approval from the Registrant if a registered trademark is found, informing the Registrant of the trademark.

During the General Availability phase the domains can not be transferred, only after this period will the domains be free to transfer to any Registrar you may wish.

If you want to know what stage is currently active for the TLD you have interest in, please find the details here.

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