Newsletter 2022 November

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter! This month we released two important new features to the RCP: new payment methods for Indian users and the ability to buy aftermarket domains from Sedo through Openprovider.  As usual, we have also rounded up the latest blog articles and domain promotions for you. You can read all about this and more further down this newsletter.

New on our blog

Take a break from your workday with the latest articles on the Openprovider blog. Feel free to share these articles with your end customers, too.

EasyDMARC in practice: case study Procys

How can you keep track of your outgoing emails, make sure none of them end up as spam, and make sure no one is sending unauthorized emails from your domain? We sat down with Hicham El Hafed, director at Procys, to learn about the way EasyDMARC has given him unexpected insights into his email flows.

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7 new gTLDs to consider for your website

While options like .com and .net are popular and instantly recognizable, it is also much harder to find a good domain name with these extensions. Most “good” .coms have already been snagged. Thankfully, there are many other options out there! For this article, we have selected seven affordable options to use before they are taken.

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Best practices for remote work

Openprovider has been fully remote for over two years now. These years have taught us a lot about the do’s and don’ts of remote work. In this article we are sharing our best practices when it comes to making fully remote work succeed.

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DMARC, SPF, DKIM and BIMI explained

Do you want to improve your email security and deliverability? Do you want to keep track of all emails that are sent from your domain and server? In that case, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI records are some terms you should know. We explain them all to you in this short article.

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What is typosquatting, and what can you do against it?

Did you know that, and all redirect to It is probably a rather expensive ordeal for the Google headquarters to keep all of these domains up. But if these names would be up for grabs, they would be prime candidates to fall victim to a phenomenon called typosquatting. You can learn more about it and what you can do against it in this article.

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New article about Openprovider and EasyDMARC

Openprovider has shared our views on our partnership with EasyDMARC in this article on EinpressWire. Together with EasyDMARC, we strive to protect more and more businesses against the dangers of cybercrime. Besides the English version, you can also read this article in Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

Domain News

Upcoming price changes

With effect from 1 December 2022, the following extensions will undergo a revision in prices:

  • .hu: registration and renewal will be €10.71 for Members and €18.90 for non-Members.
  • .eco: registration will be $55 for Members and $111 for non-Members.
  • .one: registration will be $16.99 for Members and $30 for non-Members.

On top of this, the following extensions are set to undergo price changes in the next months:

  • 1 January 2023: .me, .eu,,,, .cricket, .accountant, .koeln, .cologne.
  • 12 January 2023: .rent, .college, .baby, .security, .protection, .storage, .theatre, .tickets, .game, .mom, .lol, .flowers, .hosting, .audio, .pics, .diet, .christmas, .guitars.
  • 17 January 2023: .info, .mobi, .pro.

This .sucks!

.SUCKS Registry has announced that they will add more domains to the “Market Premium” Category, with effect from 14 December at 15:00 UTC. You can find the full list of domains here.

PIR Black Friday Bumper Discount

The Public Interest Registry is presenting a special Black Friday bumper discount, which will be valid from 21 November until the end of the year. During this period, Members can register .gives, .charity and .foundation domains for just $0.68!

ShortDot Black Friday Flash Sale

ShortDot Registry is running a Black Friday Sale for .icu and .cyou. From 18 November to 2 December, Members can get these domains for just $1.77.

This is the .best month!

You shine even brighter when you have .best domains in your portfolio! For Members, we have  Black Friday Promotion for .best running from 23  November until 31 December. During this time, Members can register a .best domain for a special price of just $1.67.

However, non-Members can also make these holidays their .best yet with a special discount on renewals! From 15 until 31 December, non-Members will receive a 50% discount on .best domain renewals.

.barcelona Price Reduction Campaign

Porta’m a Barcelona i no voldré demanar cava a cap altre lloc del món!

Members can now take advantage of a special price for the extension of this lovely city! Between 14 November and 15 December, a one-year registration of .barcelona will be just €8.18 (excluding VAT).

.eus Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promo

.eus, from Puntueus Fundazioa, is running a special discount for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Between 23 November and 4 December, one-year registrations of .eus will be just €2.18.

Changes announced by .hu registry

The .hu registry has made some changes in the workflow of domain registration. From now on, all .hu registrations, including failed ones, will be fully billed. Our partner has implemented an advanced feature to deal with this. In case of incorrect or incomplete data, our partner’s proxy data will be used to ensure the successful completion of all new .hu registrations. This means that new registration requests can no longer fail or expire and will always be processed successfully. Refunds are no longer available.

Once a .hu registration request is submitted and processed with proxy data, it is easy to update it with the correct registrant data. You can do this by sending appropriate documents with proof to our support team. Data correction is free of charge and should be done within a maximum of 3 months after the registration. This new process is already active in our system.

Apart from this, one-year registrations will become available for .hu domainsstarting on December 1, 2022. Currently, only a registration term of 2 years is possible. Renewal periods, however, remain the same.

Quarantine changes for .nz

From now on, .nz will have new periods for soft and hard quarantine. These changes have been made in effect with the recent registry database migration. The new soft quarantine term will be 42 days, and the new hard quarantine term will be 90 days. If you want to know more, please consult this Knowledge Base article.

What's new?

Openprovider introduces new payment methods for Indian users

This month, we have introduced new payment methods for Indian users in the RCP. These new methods include credit card payments, Netbanking and UPI. The addition of these new payment methods has made the top-up process significantly faster.

All three payment options have been added to the "Add money" page within the RCP. Simply select the payment option of your choice, choose the amount that you want to top up your balance with, and complete the payment. Your balance will be topped up immediately.

Screenshot 2022-10-28 12.09.34 PM

Buy aftermarket domains from Sedo through Openprovider

Sedo is one of the biggest aftermarket platforms on the market. This month, we have released the feature to buy domains listed in Sedo through Openprovider. This new feature can be accessed both through the RCP (through the domain checker) and through the Openprovider API. For API integration details or FAQs, please check our Knowledge Base.


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