FAQ: Aftermarket domain purchases

As you may know, resellers can buy Aftermarket domains through Openprovider. Here you have some FAQs related with the product:

  • From which Aftermarket platforms can I buy domains from Openprovider?

Right now you can buy domains from SedoMLS. More platforms coming soon!

  • Difference between an Aftermarket purchase and a “normal” domain registration?

Domains in Aftermarket are domains currently active but in sale by its registrants. That’s why when someone registers an Aftermarket domain, a registrar transfer is executed from the loosing registrar to Openprovider.

  • How can our resellers buy domains from SEDO?

    • RCP New Domain Checker
    • API
      • Check Domain Request (specifying “sedo” as the provider)
      • Create Domain Request (specifying “sedo” as the provider)


  • How can a reseller register a SEDO domain using the API?

    The same CheckDomain requests and CreateDomain requests will work, but you have to specify “sedo” as a provider.

    An example is:


        "domain": {

            "name": " openprovidersedo",

            "extension": "com"


        "provider" : "sedo",



  • SEDO domain is not appearing in RCP New domain checker search

    We are only displaying the result if the domain searched is an exact match with a SEDO domain.

    Remember: we are not supporting all domains in SEDO, check What kind of aftermarket domains can be bought through Openprovider?

  • What kind of aftermarket domains can be bought through Openprovider?

    Not all domains from Aftermarket can be bought in Openprovider. You can currently buy SedoMLS domains that:

    • Can be bought right away with a fixed price. (not in auction)
    • Can be transferred immediately. (type “fast transfer”)

    In the future, we will support more domain types and platforms.


  • How long does it take for the domain to be in the reseller account after purchasing an Aftermarket domain?

    As this is a domain transfer, but being approved by the loosing registrar, could take up to some hours to appear as active in the reseller account, usually should not be more than an hour. During the transfer, you can see the domain in the Transfer section in RCP.

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