Sandbox Testing Environment

This article contains all basic details you need to know about the Openprovider Sandbox environment.

What is sandbox?

The sandbox is an isolated testing environment that enables resellers to test RCP (Reseller Control Panel) and API operations without buying real domains, products. 


You can sign up for a new Sandbox account at:

* The old CTE environment ( & is not available anymore.

Sandbox RCP (Reseller Control Panel) URL:
Sandbox API URL:  (To enable API access, please refer to this article.)
Openprovider API Documentation:
REST API examples: API Guides: Customer & Domain Modules (Important: Please ensure to replace API URL with Sandbox API URL)

Note: To test XML requests, please use the API URL: and documentation:
Example Sandbox API Endpoints:


Important Tips:

Be aware, the Sandbox Environment has some limitations :

  • Does NOT support domain transfers.
  • It does NOT send confirmation emails hence you cannot reset your password!
  • Not all TLDs will be available in the test environment, depending on the availability of a test environment at the registry.
  • Some examples of known tlds which are (not) supported:
    • Not supported:
      • .nu
      • .se
    • Supported:
      • .nl
      • .it

      • .com

      • .be

      • .eu

      • .de

      • .net

      • .es

      • .org


      • .online

      • .pl

      • .xyz

      • .ru

      • .at

      • .ch

      • .site

      • .me

      • .pt

      • .li

      • .fr
      • .click

      • .hosting

      • .diet

      • .info

      • .mobi

      • .travel

      • .network

      • .digital

      • .software


      • .career

      • .cymru

      • .africa

      • .sport

Note: At this point, Sandbox doesn't support Spam Experts, Plesk License operations and EPP. However, our team is constantly working on improving the testing platform and we will be adding missing functionalities soon.

Current Status
SSL --> Ready for testing
Email Solution --> Ready for testing
Plesk License operations --> Work in progress


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