Newsletter 2022 September

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. We are thrilled to share this month’s news with you. The heatwave is coming to an end around the world; but not in our Reseller Control Panel. Here, you can find multiple big updates, quality of life improvements, and many other positive changes. We also have new articles on our blog, new gTLDs that are launching soon, and, as usual, many new domain promotions.

New on our blog

Freshen up your knowledge about our security products with the latest articles on our blog.

Top 6 Internet security products

It’s better to be safe than sorry. None of us finds it pleasant to apologize to customers for data leaks or safety breaches - not to mention the financial, and other consequences. This short list of the top 6 security products will cover most of your concerns regarding the safety of your domain and email.

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Getting started with EasyDMARC

Have you heard a lot about EasyDMARC lately? But are you not so sure how to actually take advantage of it? This useful article is packed with information on how to get started with EasyDMARC, including free tools and tutorial videos that will help you implement this product straight into your business.

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.BOO and .RSVP announced

Google Registry announced their 2 new extensions: .BOO and .RSVP. Both TLDs will have a Sunrise phase from October 4, 2022 to November 7, 2022, and General Availability from November 15, 2022.

Requirements will be the same as other Google Registry TLDs (SSL certificate required), with a very similar price: $8 for General Availability, and $7.8 for Sunrise!

Remember that Sunrise registrations are for trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearing House. We are a TMCH agent, so you can have your trademark registered with us using your Reseller Control Panel!

We will support all phases in our Reseller Control Panel and API, so don’t miss this opportunity and start selling these TLDs with us.

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Domain News

Free DNS zone changes

From 4th of October 2022, it will no longer be possible to park a domain name registered outside of Openprovider on our free DNS Servers. The servers will be reserved only for domains coming from Openprovider. We have to make this decision in order to assure the safety of our customers and to be able to provide uninterrupted access to our services. If you do have an external domain name parked on the Free DNS Server, we suggest transferring it to Openprovider, or redirecting it to another DNS server before the 4th of October.

Upcoming domain price changes

On October 4th 199 Donuts TLDS will have their prices changed. On February the 1st, 2023 .net will change it's price. (Remember, you can check all the details about these price changes in previous newsletters)

PIR extended promo

Public Interest Registry has offered us an extension on the promo for .GIVES, .CHARITY and .FOUNDATION!
The promo will now run until 28th February 2023.
In this period, all the aforementioned extensions will continue to be available for just $8.18.

.CO flash sale

We have a great offer on .CO coming up for the first half of October! (1st - 15th).This offer will be applicable for 1 year domain registrations only.
Domain registrations will be offered for just $3.50.

Ye Diwali Savings wali!

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, also known as festival of lights.
We are offering big savings on 3rd Level .in + 3rd Level IDN Domains.
From 20th September - 19th October, all the 3rd Level (,, etc) and 3rd Level IDN Domains (कंपनी.भारत, etc) will be available for just INR 150.

.EUS special promotional offer

The Registry of .EUS domains,Puntueus Fundazioa,is running a promotion from 20th October to 20th November, applicable only for 1 year registrations. During this period, .EUS will be available for €3.18 for Members and for €4.18 for non-Members (excluding VAT).

Our control panel has a new and redesigned top-up experience

We are happy to inform you that from now on, you can take advantage of multiple new options to make payments in our RCP. This update also improved the overall safety of the process, gave our customers more flexibility and resolved some issues that you have reported about. Thank you for your feedback; you are the ones that help us continuously improve our products!

Find the latest news and offers from Openprovider directly in the control panel

On all pages in the Reseller Control Panel (RCP), you can now find a new button in the top right corner called “News”.

This will provide you with useful information related to the page you are on at a given moment. We will also use this space to publish our most important announcements, updates, and crucial information about domain names, products and promotions.

You can give us feedback with your reactions to each post to let us know what kind of information is the most important to you.

How can Procys help your business?

Did you know that you can automate your entire accounts payable process with the power of AI? We are already doing it, with Procys. At Openprovider we have already processed 14,000 invoices through Procys. This resulted in a time saving of 2,000 hours (7,000 minutes of the manual process of automated data recording), and we think it can have a positive impact on you too. Find out more information at


New design for product purchase and subscription management pages in Reseller Control Panel

Spoiler alert! In the coming weeks we plan to make a huge overhaul for the user interface for selected products in the Reseller Control Panel.  We plan to vastly improve ordering and subscription management for Plesk, SSL certificates and SpamExperts. The new design will be aligned with the overall look and feel of our Reseller Control Panel and be on par with market standards if it comes for similar pages.


New webinar in October for EasyDMARC

As you probably already know, back in August we released a new product - EasyDMARC. Since many of our resellers started using it already, we want to provide you with an in depth overview of the tool itself to help you understand certain features and its full capabilities. Please stay tuned for the detailed agenda and webinar invitation until the first half of October.


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