October 4, 2022: Changes to Openprovider Standard DNS


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On October 4th, new policies to our Standard DNS product were applied. The main change was that we will not offer Standard DNS zones for domains that are not registered in Openprovider. For security reasons, we cannot keep them alive anymore.

Action required

What action do you need to take:

  1. For all domains that are registered in Openprovider and use our free DNS service - NO action is required, our DNS will be free and working for you.
  2. For all domains that are not registered in Openprovider and that do not use our free DNS anymore or are not active anymore - NO action is required, we will clean up the DNS entries
  3. For all domains that are not registered in Openprovider, are active and use our free DNS - TAKE ACTION NOW


If point 3 applies this is what you need to do:

  1. Transfer the domains to Openprovider within 30 days of the zone creation. DNS will be free for you. Or if that is not possible,
  2. Buy a Premium DNS subscription in your account for these domains and you do not have to transfer them. Make sure to update the domain at the current provider to the Premium DNS nameservers* once the zone is activated.


From October 4th, 2022 it is no longer possible to use our nameservers for domains registered outside of Openprovider, so please check your account and take action if needed.

How can I know which zones are affected?

You can download the list of your Domains registered in Openprovider, and the list of Standard DNS zones created in Openprovider from the Reseller Control Panel. Cross-checking these two lists, you will be able to know which zones are from domains not active in your account.

If you need help, you can always contact our Support Department

Grace period for new Standard DNS zones

We will apply a grace period for Standard DNS zones created after October 4th of 30 days. If you want to set up the zone before transferring the domain to Openprovider, you will be able to do it. But remember, you will have to transfer the domain to Openprovider during the first 30 days, if not, zone will be parked.

I need help

If you need help identifying your Standard DNS zones affected by this change or have any question, please contact our Support Department.

If you need more information about our Premium DNS product, help transferring a big amount of domains to Openprovider or any other sales related question, please contact our Sales Department.


* In case a premium dns zone was activated for a domain outside of Openprovider, make sure to update the domain at the current provider and point it to the nameservers of the Premium DNS.
Please use the following nameservers:


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