Whoops - an error has occurred!

I have received the error - "an error has occurred!"


Whoops! It seems your request could not be handled successfully.

In some cases, we are able to add a little explanation as to why the request was unsuccessful.

For example: "Company registration number missing" or "Admin contact must be a company"


But in some cases, our system is unfortunately not able to directly show the reason for the failed request and how to resolve this directly in the error message that you see in the control panel or API.

What to do then?


In 99% of the cases, the reason why a request failed, is due to missing data or an invalid request.

In this knowledge base, you can search for the "tld" (extension) of the domain you are trying to request. In the section "registration" you can find in most cases a list of requirements. Please check if the requirements which are mentioned there are met.


Example .NU:

As you can see, there is a list of requirements and sometimes even some links where you can verify the data you are using.



Also the "detailed extension information" can shed light on the problem as it contains some extra (technical) information.




To find answer to your problem, please locate the "tld article" (extension article) via the homepage openprovider.help and check the requirements. 



If you are unable to figure out what is wrong even after cross-checking the registration data, please reach out to us at Contact Support.

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