Newsletter 2022 July

In the middle of the hot summer we have an even hotter selection of the latest news to share with you. Take your time, have a coffee, and enjoy the update :). We've got new interesting and useful content, lots of domain promotions, and updates about our growing list of extra services related to domain names and making the Internet a safer place.

Blog content for your inspiration

Have a look at our latest 3 articles! You might find them useful for you, but they can also be a great inspiration for your content as a reseller to provide for your customers.

How to start using Plesk license and make the most out of it?

Plesk License explained! By reading this article you will get familiar with the possibilities that Plesk provides, but also learn the details about ordering and installation of your license.

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If not .com, then what?

It’s a waste when a customer visits your website and only checks the .com domain and if it’s not available he just leaves. There are plenty of other extensions that might fit their needs even better. That’s why it is so important for resellers to help and educate their end-customers, so they are more aware of all the options they have available.

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What are the different types of domain names?

A great source of base knowledge about domain name types, explaining how they work and how it all began. Highly recommended for everyone wanting to gain well-structured knowledge written in easy to understand language.

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Upcoming price changes

  • September 1: .monster, .xyz, .biz, .club, .design, .miami, .boston, .abogado, .fit, .fashion, .beer, .wedding, .yoga, .garden, .surf, .horse, .vodka, .cooking, .casa, .work, .fishing, .law, .rodeo, .luxe, .co (premium domains)

  • October 4: 199 Donuts TLDs.

(Remember, you can check all details about these price changes in previous newsletters)


Our prices just keep getting better

Our commitment to seeing our members grow with us and helping them maximize their profit has led us to adjust the prices of five of our extensions. This is the result of our quarterly cost price review, created with the aim of trying to adjust prices as much as possible:

.ae → from AED 114.17 to AED 110.71 (create/renew/transfer)

.de → from 2.62 to €2.61 (renew/transfer)

.de → from €3.59 to €3.58 (create)

.dk → from DKK 49.11 to DKK 49.14 (create/renew/transfer)

.cz → from CZK 201.45 to CZK 188.86 (create/renew/transfer)

.uk → from GBP 2.51 to GBP 3.90 (create/renew/transfer)


Verisign .com price hike on 1st of September

Verisign has announced a price increase on its .com extension, effective from the 1st of September 2022.

The new price for Members will be $9.15 (for registrations, renewals, and transfers). The new price for non-members will be $9.15 for domain registrations and transfers and $14.57 for renewals. For Members, the current price is $8.77 (for registration, renewals, and transfers). For non-Members, the current prices are $8.77 for registration and transfers and $14.31 for renewal.

This is the second price increase that .com has seen since 2012 when a fixed price was agreed on between Verisign and ICANN. However, two years ago, Verisign renegotiated its contract and was allowed 4 price increases of 7% until 2024.

As .com domains can be registered for a period of up to 10 years, consider registering or renewing your .com domains before the 1st of September 2022. Time is of the essence. Big savings are at stake!


Hot prices from .design

The .design registry is running a promotion from 1st July to 30th September for .tattoo, .ink, .gay, .wiki.
These 4 TLDs will be available for just $3.49 in the above period! This price is only valid for new registrations.


.SC prices have an amazing discount

The .SC registry is offering .SC for $79 in the second half of the year!
This price will be applicable from 1st July 2022 to 31st December 2022!


Get to the top with .TOP

The registry is running a promotion for .top (26th June 2022  to 31st August 2022)
First year registration price in the period is just $0.79!
Consecutive multi year registrations / renewals / transfers in this period are available for  $3.43 / year.


Let those glasses make some noise!

There is a promotion for .bar and .rest for the period 1st July 2022 - 31st August 2022
The first year Registrations in this period are offered for $11!


.BIBLE Summer Promotion

Promotion from .bible registry from 15th July 2022 to 30th September 2022
All 1 year registrations in this period for $20.50!


.MOE Crazy Eight Flash Sale

.moe celebrates 8 years on the Internet!
To celebrate this, the registry is running a promotion from 22nd July 2022 - 31st August 2022
All 1 year registrations in this period are available just for $4!


New product in our offer - EasyDMARC

We are very excited to finally release a new product to Openprovider offer - EasyDMARC. 

EasyDMARC is a powerful tool that makes DMARC, SPF, DKIM, or BIMI records easy to manage and adjust to personal or your company needs. There are a number of features that make EasyDMARC stand out from the competition - all of them are there to protect your domain reputation and email deliverability rates!

You can find more information about the product on our blog and Knowledge Base articles. We also held a webinar together with EasyDMARC in June. You can watch the recording here. If you wish to discuss more details about the product and how to kick start sales, please contact our Sales team directly - we are happy to help you!


Survey about new products - Security category

We have recently sent out another survey to our resellers, this time about security products (such as data backup, antimalware protection, website protection). If you haven’t responded to it yet, we would really appreciate your feedback. The survey takes up to 3 minutes to complete and will help us greatly to deliver the products that you and your customers are looking for.


New product purchase pages in Reseller Control Panel

We are constantly working on improving the overall experience with our Reseller Control Panel and products available there. One of our next steps is to vastly improve the purchase experience for products such as SSL and signing certificates, Plesk licenses, and SpamExperts. In the coming days and weeks, we will present you with a new product selection page for our certificates! Please stay tuned for further details.

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