Newsletter 2022 May

Welcome to our latest Newsflash. In this edition of our Newsletter we start with a short story about agents and the latest discounts for interesting domain zones.

Banana Bond

.EU (€ 1.99) and .ASIA ($ 5.49) went to the .SHOP ($2.5 for non-members and $1.30 for members) because they heard that a special agent might show up there and provide them with some secret information. And indeed they met there the agent .BOND (only in June: $1.99 for MM and $2.99 for non-MM) who told them that it’s the .CLUB’s 8th birthday and they can all enter for just 1 dollar. And everyone knows that the best .CLUBs in .EU are in the .NL (€ 3.19), especially in .AMSTERDAM.

New product survey - hosting

We have again asked our Resellers for their insights about new products in Openprovider, this time focusing on web hosting solutions that you are buying and would like to start offering to your customers. Most of our Resellers received invitations to answer a set of questions in a survey. We already have dozens of responses which will be a huge help to decide which direction the new product category should take.


Please expect more surveys in the coming months about different product categories!


BuildMyLogo - special promo is still on!

We are still running a special promotion for the BuildMyLogo package - for just 79,99 USD you get access to 20 logotype sets for an unlimited period of time. Every set gives you full commercial rights and a number of downloadable file formats including vector files, PNGs, business card designs, favicons, and social media kits - all you need to stand out with your brand among competitors!


PLESK extensions - cleanup in Reseller Control Panel

PLESK extensions have been in Openprovider for a very long time, offering dozens of different variants that greatly enhance your experience when using PLESK products.  The available and popular extensions have changed over the last couple of years and months. To make it simpler to find the ones that are the best and most popular, we made a little “spring cleanup” in the Reseller Control Panel, aggregating extensions into categories and simplifying the purchase flow. Are you looking for a specific extension that is missing in the Reseller Control Panel? Please let us know!

Updates to new gTLDs

Upcoming price changes

  • June 1: .ong, .ngo
  • July 1: .re, .pm, .yt, .tf, .wf
  • September 1: .monster, .xyz, .biz, .club, .design, .miami, .boston, .abogado, .fit, .fashion, .beer, .wedding, .yoga, .garden, .surf, .horse, .vodka, .cooking, .casa, .work, .fishing, .law, .rodeo, .luxe, .co (premium domains)
  • October 4: 199 Donuts TLDs.

.cu domain registrations open again!

Some months ago, we had to stop .cu domain registrations due to a registry problem. The registry confirms now that everything is fine, so you can register .cu domains again!


Trustee service for 3rd level .BR domains

We are offering trustee (domicile) service for 3rd level .BR domains. If the domain owner is not located in Brazil, you can now register 3rd level .BR domains with our trustee service. The cost for members is ​​only 32.50 BRL.

Price decrease for .re, .pm, .yt, .tf, .wf TLDs

From July 1st 2022, July 1 AFNIC’s TLDs .re, .pm, .yt, .tf, .wf will experience a price decrease to €4.61 for create, renew and transfer operations.


.ONG and .NGO will be unbundled on June 1, 2022

From June 1, .ONG and .NGO TLDs will be unbundled. This means these TLDs will not be registered together when you register a domain for one of these TLDs. The price will also be divided in half and will be completely independent:

- .ONG create price for members: $15

- .NGO create price for members: $15


Domains registered before this date will remain bundled and mirrored.


gTLDs explicit deletion changes

As we communicated by email some weeks ago, we unified Soft Quarantine and Hard Quarantine for some gTLD domains into a single Soft Quarantine of 40 days.


We heard your feedback, and we implemented a Hard Quarantine of 28 days for explicit deletions. So, if you explicitly delete a gTLD domain, you will have 28 days to restore it, paying the restore fee. This change only applies for explicitly deleted gTLD domains, if the domain is expired, already communicated single Soft Quarantine period of 40 days will apply. You can check the list of gTLDs we communicated here.


DNSbelgium verification process open to all suspicious domains

As you may know, DNSbelgium applied an online verification system for suspicious domains for Dutch and Belgian private individuals. Now they opened the online verification for all suspicious domains, no matter where the registrant lives.


If a registrant registered a suspicious domain, he/she will have to validate his/her identity using a service called Onfido, if it’s from outside The Netherlands or Belgium. In the case of registrations for companies, a contact person from the company will handle the verification.


The verification process is very simple. In case the registry marked the domain as suspicious, the registrant will receive an email with an online form. After following all the steps, the domain will be active.

You can find all details in our Knowledge Base: here


Important updates for .AF domains

Due to political changes in Afghanistan, AFGNIC (.AF registry) cannot accept payments from international registrars. This means we cannot accept new registrations, transfers, or explicit renewals for .AF domains.


But, to support you, all .AF domains in your portfolio will not expire until further notice.  You can find all details in our Knowledge Base: here.


Last days to register .CHANNEL in Sunrise phase

On 7th June, Sunrise Phase for .CHANNEL will end. If you have a trademark, you can register a .CHANNEL domain for only $10. You only have to open a Support ticket with the TMCH Signed Mark Data (“SMD”) file and the name you want to register.

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